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    Countries need to stop fighting each other...especially with nuclear weapons. At this rate there's not going to be an "Earth" to live on in the next 6 years if it all continues, because (I wouldn't be surprised) it'll all be radioactive. :o


    At what rate? Only two nuclear warheads have ever been used in anger and that was 68 years ago earlier this month. It'll take a hell of a lot longer than 6 years to radiate the entire planet out of habitability at that rate. No one is randomly slinging nukes around just for lulz.


    Way to be melodramatic. :rolleyes:


    Still, no offense toward the US or anything Spartan, but the US military seem to think nuclear warheads solve everything. :erm:

  2. I've always said the human race would probably end up destroying itself - talk about intelligent spiecies eh! Wars wont ever stop as you have countries completley dominated by religion, people fighting over who believes in the true religion, all this bloodshed over some bullshit

    True...it's pitiful.
  3. All wars need to stop, period. Countries need to stop fighting each other...especially with nuclear weapons. At this rate there's not going to be an "Earth" to live on in the next 6 years if it all continues, because (I wouldn't be surprised) it'll all be radioactive. :o

  4. I honestly just ticked all 3. PS3 is my main gaming system now so that's what I'll be playing on, but I'll probably end up getting it on 360 as well because there's still quite a few people on there I'd like to play online with.


    And of course I'll get the PC version when it eventually comes out, just because it's awesome playing GTA on pc, with mods if I want.

    Mods! Mods are being used! N000B. :P

    I do hope R* get the PC version done shortly after. :/

  5. Don't know if you're from Italy, or if that's just your flag.

    I wasn't born in Italy, but since I'm half British-half-Italian (a bit over half Italian to be exact, so I'm more Italian than British), I thought I may as well call it my nationality, but I live in the UK.
  6. Hey guys. I need a graphic done if possible for my youtube channel? I've tried to ask on GTAForums but unfortunately they like to be ignorant. I posted a thread 3 months ago (May 16) yet I didn't get a single reply at all, yet they are still helping other requests...such ignorance! Who ever can do this for me will receive great appreciation and will also be added to my respect list. :)
    Name: KyleIceGaming

    Name #2: KyleIce45 (at bottom left)

    Size: Recommended channel art size: 2560 x 1440
    Max file size: 2 MB

    Theme: Could one of you awesome GFX designers surprise me? It must be gaming related, and not tied only to GTA.
    GTA, Battlefield, Counter-Strike etc. Just a mixture of some popular games like CS, BF, Mass Effect 3 etc.

    Resources: Again, surprise me.

    Colors: And same as above. :)

    Additional info: This is for the YouTube channel art for my channel. I've attempted to make one myself, but it keeps stretching it when I do it unfortunately.

    Default YouTube Channel Art example:


    My attempts:




    TGN.tv's channel art (as an example, not my work to claim!)


    If one could do this for me, it'd be much appreciated!


  7. It used to be pretty active back in the day of San Andreas, when TGTAP was running IP.Board 2.3.4/5/6, though that was when it had it's own custom theme, the gangs system, and downloads being actively uploaded etc. True, some mods where never approved, some where. It's just that the staff had other things they had to take care of as well as moderating the forum. Some ignorant people expected admins to be on 24/7 just to approve their mods, and they got rude about it at some point if I remember.


    I'm positively sure that when V is released (and I agree with Mike) things "hopefully" will start to pick up again. If not just over more than what TGTAP used to have, since this new GTA title has more exciting features to offer us, not to mention how much GTA has changed in the past few years.

  8. In all fairness, I think it's a good thing R* are taking their time in actually releasing GTA V. It'd be a shame and spoil if they rushed the games development for us to later purchase it (finally) and find out that there are too many serious bugs to actually play the game properly. Granted, there are a few bugs, glitches etc in early release versions of the game...but at least R* then works on releasing a patch or two to significantly fix some of these bugs. :)


    I think the long awaited time for the release of the game is better than an early rushed release.

  9. Oh god this thread... :lol:


    Don't diss Monster! ;)



    Don't ask, it was a hot 35'C day in Cambridge, and I was at a lake with my bestfriend...she took this.. <_<


    A nice fresh can of Relentless Original...coming up!


    And my sisters kitten Purdy biting my finger...wee btich she is!








    No, I'm not under 18 for some who may wonder because I "look" young. I'm 20 at the moment, coming on 21 in just under 6 months.

  10. Are you running custom firmware or anything? This is the first thing that comes to mind. If you are look up the issue on XDA - developers. The other thing is to make sure you have a good quality brand of SD card such as sandisk -  you can get these dead cheap off amazon these days. Failing this (ie, if your software is stock and so forth) submit a support ticket with samsung and i'm sure they'll help you out.


    Edit: holy shit it's kel, name changes confused me, how you goin' man?

    Thanks for your input and suggestion for helping Llama, greatly appreciated! :) It is running all the stock/original firmware (no custom ROMs), just the fact that I've received at least 3 "Software updates" from Samsung in the past 3 weeks yet my Android version is still 4.2.2 JellyBean.. :blink:






    The only problem is, it seems to work fine now. I asked my dad if I could use his SD/SIM card reader to copy/move my data to my external drive (backup) then I erased my SD card data, inserted to my S4 and re-mounted it. it reformat the card in the phone and let me use it again. The only things that I found that was causing the issue was a certain "corrupt" app I had moved from my device storage to my SD Card. Since 4.2.2 JellyBean allows us to move some apps (that are compatible for it) to an SD Card. (which is a great feature!) - Overall the raging I actually did, I can't stress enough how much I raged...it works fine now. :)

    A side from all of that, yes. It is me. (legally changed my name to Kyle though because I hated it) I am well, lots of work, moved to Cambridge from Leicestershire (the shithole) and am well. :) It's been a long time actually...still visited TGTAP as a guest to read some news every now and again, but I must be the only member to ever be banned from here and to have not tried to evade my ban with a second account... - this is still the only account I have ever registered on TGTAP at all. :P


    Nice to know I'm still remembered! :lol: How are you? :) (PM me)

  11. I'm waiting for the PC version.

    Didn't R* cancel the PC project for now? I know they haven't even started on development..


    Where are all of the 360 people at? Looks like Llama and I will be alone :P

    I've had it on pre-order a month after the pre-order was announced at GAME. :) Depending on whether R* finally decide to develop the PC version of V then I'll get it for PC as well as having it on Xbox.


    Add me to the Xbox list Sherman.

  12. Has anyone at all (who has a Galaxy S2/S3 or S4 had an "unmounting" issue with the micro-SD card? I have no idea whats wrong with it...and I'm just puzzled at the fact it's started to do this now, of all times. I got my Galaxy S4 and the SD card from Phones4U in Cambridge (Market St) at the same time of getting my S4, so both are as new as each other. It's an 8GB. (unsure of the make. it doesn't say) I have no SD reader so I can't get my data from it either. :( That said, it isn't anything to do with a faulty device or expansion/SD slot on the back.


    Any ideas beside from the obvious "get a new one" ?



  13. OK, just installed some cleo 3 mods, and they crash my game. Weather or not it's because I deleted more then 5 .dff files in gta3.img for a mod the game crashes. I used Sanny Builder 3 to Compile the .cs files and it still wont work. The game just crashes.

    Any help ASAP would be appreciated.

  14. Hey.

    How do I install or even get/download this "CLEO 3" mod? This is very new to me so I don't even know what it is. I only know it's for some .cs scripts. :P Could someone give me a link to download this mod? Thanks. :)

    NOTE: I don't have any CLEO folder in my San Andreas installation as I have not downloaded it yet.

  15. I think you guys should take it to the chat topic now. Let Kel gets some more member applicants in here and start discussing the gang in the chat topic.

    Kel, your chat topic is coming along pretty fine, it looks as if you are going to have a good gang. Maybe create a topic requesting some graphics from the community, I won't make it, I only create graphics for myself and my gang.

    Thanks Thomas. I will do. :)

    -[All chatting/discussion must now to to the Chat Topic, thanks.]-

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