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  1. oh wow...didnt even notice I had £70 in my second PayPal account... o.O

  2. Every time I trust somebody, they show me reason why I shouldnt!... -.-

  3. I suppose the PC version (when it releases) will sell out quite quickly...most likely within a day or two.
  4. Just finished watching "Now You See Me". Great film. Loved it! :)

  5. Missing someone and not being able to see them is the worst feeling ever.

  6. think am gunna watch a film, then off to bed. bored and sick of playing GTA IV on xbox with people modding their consoles to cheat...fucking twats can't play a simple game without cheating!

  7. Oh god this thread... Don't diss Monster! Don't ask, it was a hot 35'C day in Cambridge, and I was at a lake with my bestfriend...she took this.. A nice fresh can of Relentless Original...coming up! And my sisters kitten Purdy biting my finger...wee btich she is! No, I'm not under 18 for some who may wonder because I "look" young. I'm 20 at the moment, coming on 21 in just under 6 months.
  8. Thanks for your input and suggestion for helping Llama, greatly appreciated! It is running all the stock/original firmware (no custom ROMs), just the fact that I've received at least 3 "Software updates" from Samsung in the past 3 weeks yet my Android version is still 4.2.2 JellyBean.. http://i.imgur.com/lIvlmZc.png http://i.imgur.com/6eemeIm.png http://i.imgur.com/YS2st4w.png The only problem is, it seems to work fine now. I asked my dad if I could use his SD/SIM card reader to copy/move my data to my external drive (backup) then I erased my SD card data, inserted to my S4 and re-mounted it. it reformat the card in the phone and let me use it again. The only things that I found that was causing the issue was a certain "corrupt" app I had moved from my device storage to my SD Card. Since 4.2.2 JellyBean allows us to move some apps (that are compatible for it) to an SD Card. (which is a great feature!) - Overall the raging I actually did, I can't stress enough how much I raged...it works fine now. A side from all of that, yes. It is me. (legally changed my name to Kyle though because I hated it) I am well, lots of work, moved to Cambridge from Leicestershire (the shithole) and am well. It's been a long time actually...still visited TGTAP as a guest to read some news every now and again, but I must be the only member to ever be banned from here and to have not tried to evade my ban with a second account... - this is still the only account I have ever registered on TGTAP at all. Nice to know I'm still remembered! How are you? (PM me)
  9. Didn't R* cancel the PC project for now? I know they haven't even started on development.. I've had it on pre-order a month after the pre-order was announced at GAME. Depending on whether R* finally decide to develop the PC version of V then I'll get it for PC as well as having it on Xbox. Add me to the Xbox list Sherman.
  10. Ugh...SD card on my phone is fucked...and I don't feel well... -.-

  11. Has anyone at all (who has a Galaxy S2/S3 or S4 had an "unmounting" issue with the micro-SD card? I have no idea whats wrong with it...and I'm just puzzled at the fact it's started to do this now, of all times. I got my Galaxy S4 and the SD card from Phones4U in Cambridge (Market St) at the same time of getting my S4, so both are as new as each other. It's an 8GB. (unsure of the make. it doesn't say) I have no SD reader so I can't get my data from it either. That said, it isn't anything to do with a faulty device or expansion/SD slot on the back. Any ideas beside from the obvious "get a new one" ? Thanks
  12. ATTENTION!: To those who have my number, please do not try to call or txt me. Unfortunately my S4 is encountering some issues because of my SD card...it keeps unmounting itself and rebooting my phone. :L

  13. OK, just installed some cleo 3 mods, and they crash my game. Weather or not it's because I deleted more then 5 .dff files in gta3.img for a mod the game crashes. I used Sanny Builder 3 to Compile the .cs files and it still wont work. The game just crashes. Any help ASAP would be appreciated.
  14. Thanks. I've installed Cleo now, and hope these addons work. CJ will now fall through the window if I crash!
  15. Hey. How do I install or even get/download this "CLEO 3" mod? This is very new to me so I don't even know what it is. I only know it's for some .cs scripts. Could someone give me a link to download this mod? Thanks. NOTE: I don't have any CLEO folder in my San Andreas installation as I have not downloaded it yet.
  16. What? Are you crazy??? TGTAP is the most awesome GTA forum ever. I have no reason to leave. TGTAP is awesome.
  17. Wow, you have been in the wars there mate. Hope you get better soon. Happy birthday too!
  18. Holy shit! Nice work Chris. Say, wheres your award for second place and in other places?
  19. @ S-V: Chris said he'd be doing it some time this week depending if he has the time to do it. Don't you read above SV?
  20. Chris said he'd be starting it at some point this weendend. He said he's a little busy with shit atm.
  21. Sig: 5/10 Avatar: 3/10 (Needs to be changed to a good one) Person: 9.8/10 - Awesome dude, helpful and cool.
  22. Glad you noticed that. Congrats to you also TNF and others.
  23. Wow, you have been busy. Congrats to all who won. EDIT: Chris, could you add at my name "I©e (Kel-F)" to the bottom one? Just so members know who it is.
  24. Be patient. A mod like this will take more then a few months for the author to complete if he is new to modding. Doing a mod for San Andreas that is LIKE GTA IV is very hard and would take a time to complete.
  25. Ooo, Windows 7 eh Don? I will post some later on.
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