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  1. haha got back into a couple of nice oldish games.. was playin network C&C Generals with a mate for a lil while on my laptop and pc and now i just reinstalled Carmageddon: TDR2000 and im modding it.. lol..
  2. Tom

    GTA: Columbia

    hey thats not too bad ay
  3. ....harry potter can suck my big magic wand
  4. http://iroxor.modblog.com go here or DIE or atleast recieve a big rubber duck up your arse.. haha..
  5. Tom


    haha spaz, blotsort is one dead motherf*cker.. but umm.. UrbanVideos.net is the new shit.. along with my blog: http://iroxor.modblog.com ummm Slavik i was like this graphics type guy thing who used to be around the gta community alot, then i got bored and left the community pretty much all together.. haha.. just got bored, and Skyline gave me a link to a topic and i decided to just spam around the place a bit.. -edit- Chris, umm, im not that into sig making and all that jazz no more, but i dunno, might be able to do somethin for ya, or why not ask some of the other talents on here? i seen some pretty good shit here..
  6. life is goin ok, completely broke, but hey.. didnt bother finishing Tafe, got sooo over it.. (Tafe.. sorta like college.. like.. further education after school).. been with friends pretty much every day this whole year.. just doin whatever, cruising, partying, hanging out, etc etc.. have a party on tomorrow night.. gonna be awesome! my parties always go off.. haha.. lifes pretty sweet, apart from the brokeness..
  7. out of that list, martin lawrence.. but omg.. Dave Chappelle is gold.. i love him.. haha..
  8. yeah.. i saw it.. and i hated it.. everyone i went with. hated it..
  9. Tom


    50 cent biiiiaaatch! YO
  10. Tom


    I know ive disappeared for a very very very long time.. haha.. but i guess im back for a bit ay? haha.. man this place has changed since the very first 2 GTAPlaces.. Chris, i dunno if you still have Blotsort.com link up.. but you may aswell remove it, as Blotsort.com is dead
  11. 18 and 10 months.. or 9 months.. i dunno.. 19 in feb.. oh how i love the legal drinking age being 18.. haha.. having yet another party on sat.. gonna be hell fun
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