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  1. ieatnoobs

    Catalita vs deneice

    Catalina, she's F******* insane
  2. ieatnoobs

    only Cesars race to do?

    find a remington
  3. ieatnoobs


  4. ieatnoobs

    The funnyest character of Los Santos

    OG loc just because he's so stupid it's funny
  5. ieatnoobs

    Who is the funnyest guy?

    I'd have to go with CJ on this one.
  6. rate sig and avatar 1-10
  7. ieatnoobs

    Anybody found the secret sign?

    I saw that ages ago when i was fooling around with my jetpack
  8. ieatnoobs

    Rate my Sig and ava

    Avatar-5/10 Signature-4/10 they are kind of bland.
  9. ieatnoobs

    My latest sigs andavatars

    Great work, dude
  10. ieatnoobs

    Rate my sig

    I like it, 8/10
  11. ieatnoobs

    Rate my ava & sig

    Avatar-5/10 Signature-4/5
  12. ieatnoobs

    Favorite all time GTA car

    FCR-900, and the Rancher for me, and the rustler
  13. ieatnoobs

    Tommy V or CJ

    Definately Tommy V, he's the shit
  14. ieatnoobs

    Things you do for fun

    I like do jump .. well just abt everything off mount chiliad, just drive around, and knife people for the hell of it. and blow shit up.