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  1. I remember whilst playing in Hardcore mode on another account, a teammate threw a grenade without cooking it near the other guy with his care package, which killed him, and then he stole it whilst the other guy angrily looked on via spectator mode. Also in regular team deathmatch on Favela there was a guy who kept trying to nick my packages, and knifed me when he didn't get it. He basically followed me around the whole match. It's stupid when they try to take it, it takes a second for you to take it because it's your package, and about 5 seconds for the other turds to try and get it.

    Anyone get killed by an enemy care package, or your own teammates package? I have, both of them.

    lol thats pretty funny. my own package has killed me by accident, i was standing near it and it rolled down the hill on afghan.

  2. I guess you always have the option to buy a new wireless card, they're only like $30 here.

    One of the reasons I haven't upgraded my laptop to Win7 is because of drivers etc I'm not sure they'd have Windows 7 drivers for stuff like wireless, bluetooth since I got it in 2006 (just before Vista came out)

  3. you can run vice city on integrated and presumably III, but on reasonably low settings.

    san andreas well, im not too sure about that, again maybe on low settings (640x480 low quality)

    that nvidia 8600 will probably max all of those games with ease. but it depends on your CPU as well, and ram.

  4. It's meant to happen, the sound when it cuts away. It's a technique used in other games and Hollywood as well, but I just don't know what it's called. Happens on my TV as well, so I guess it's widespread. BTW, why does everyone else get great Care Packages and I end up with ammo resupplies and UAVs? Other people get Pave Lows, EMPs and fking AC130s.

    EDIT: Wait a minute, I just found the precentages for each care package and emergency airdrop you get. Look:


    14.78% - UAV

    14.78% - Ammo

    13.04% - Counter UAV

    10.43% - Sentry Gun

    10.43% - Predator Missile

    9.57% - Precision Airstrike

    6.09% - Harrier Airstrike

    6.09% - Attack Helicopter

    4.35% - Pave Low

    4.35% - Stealth Airstrike

    2.61% - Chopper Gunner

    2.61% - AC-130

    0.87% - EMP

    Emergency Airdrop

    12% - Ammo

    12% - UAV

    16% - Counter UAV

    16% - Sentry gun

    14% - Predator Missle

    10% - Precision airstrike

    5% - Harrier airstrike

    5% - Attack Helicopter

    3% - Pavelow

    3% - Stealth Bomber

    2% - Chopper Gunner

    2% - AC130

    So I guess I'm the unlucky one loaded with UAVs.

    i remember searching for that list before. hahha bro your not the only one. i'd say of the last like 10 care packages i got, 5 were ammo, couple counter uav, sentry gun, ac130, pavelow. at least UAV is of some use, ammo is totally USELESS when you have scavenger pro lol.

  5. lol yeah . M21 sounds cool. for some reason the barrett when i shoot, the sound sorta cuts out...does that happen with you guys too or is it just my cheapo amp :unsure:

    but i didnt use M21 for long, i switched to intervention and am loving that. having leveled up the aa12 so my class was like this

    intervention w/fmj

    aa12 w/extended mags (holds 16, so win)

    semtex/flash (before i was using c4 heaps to get the "kill 30", also claymore to get the same challenge)

    scavenger pro

    stopping power pro

    commando pro

    yesterday or the day before on terminal i killed 4 people, got care package (pavelow) and then that put my score from 200 or 250 to like 1200 before it left, pretty awesome, talk about easy win.

  6. see that key above shift, enter, yeah...

    first off, why did you patch the game ?

    are you sure the shortcuts were still valid (same files still in same place)

    most likely the nocd you have is the wrong version which could be causing the problem, otherwise your shortcuts are in the wrong place or they're pointing to files that dont exist. come to think of it, i might've had issues with shortcuts, just copy the actual files into that folder and see if it works.

  7. To be honest, I'd love to just upgrade to Windows 7. It makes my computer work so much nicer. However, my only wireless card does not have support, and that kind of shoots me in the foot.

    Ah that's shit :(

    What wireless card is it? PCI (internal) or USB ?

    Apparently some people have got their wireless working with a 32/64bit Vista driver (depending on whether you're using 32/64bit Win7) you could give that a shot.

  8. well you could manually go into registry and delete everything to do with GTA San Andreas however if you don't know what you're doing you could cause some trouble which is why I suggested CCleaner. If you just delete the program files, it's still like, registered on the computer as installed.

  9. ah right lol...

    you could try system restore to like (when did it last work?) to me it seems like there's something wrong with your internet settings or something :S that might fix it.

    the other option of course (not the quickest option but it'll work) is a full backup/reformat/reinstall windows. it should definitely fix the problem and your system will be a bit faster too.

  10. well yeah its not good to have more than one anti virus installed at once since they will conflict somewhat.

    yeah false positive, it happens a lot, most of the time it's for trainers etc because they have a key capture function, like, exhibits characteristics of a virus (keylogger for example).

    seriously seems like you have some firewall or something blocking your programs since you can access the internet through a browser but other programs can't get to the internet.

    but I couldn't even fix that in MSconfig((always could before)), said I didn't have permission.

    is your account still "administrator" and hasnt somehow been changed to limited user?

    Been the administrator account since I got the PC.

    And I kept telling the damn thing that it wasn't a virus. But it's cool, got rid of it now.

    oh you fixed the problem ? what was it?

  11. hmm M21 is good i recently used it in a class with AA12 like

    M21 w/ACOG

    AA12 w/grip


    scavenger pro

    stopping power pro

    commando pro

    Its not 1 hit kill which is the annoying thing, well sometimes it is. headshots are, and some body shots are. sometimes it's 2 shots though. i got that 1bullet2kills thing with this though lol, in the hallway in skidrow i was just prone at one end and see all the people running through XD

    aa12 is pretty sweet as well.

    As for cheytac intervention, i used it but...either its no good or im not very good with it cos i didnt do very well.

    scratch that, i just switched to it now. its pretty good lol. 1 shot kill for everything but not now cos i got silencer.

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