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  1. Bahaha. he is the best, period. Me and my mates imitate him everyday at school; with the "Iam O - G LOC Baby!" and the "Ehehehehe" (His awesome laugh). We love him how he denies being gay, when we all know that he was dominated in prison:p Is this serious? A comedian?
  2. Wow, much easier lol Cheers! Now, I can finnaly enjoy playing the game again!
  3. Damn, you's all got my hopes up!
  4. I say no. It will look disrespectful, it will cause controversy. The ability to bash women. Oh wait, no. We can anyways to pedestrians.
  5. Cheers for the help Yeah, them cars are easy to dispose of lol Its them damn road block cars that blast me. I tried just flying between them, but they blow me up. I tried taking my time and going the long way and stuff. But when it comes to them road block people Iam screwed. Dont the road block people shoot you? And how can I make sure that my truck gets blown up?
  6. You know that mission (PS2) where you are at Diaz's place and he tells you to go and exchange his drugs with the guns (From the Police I think). You have to drive the van to the meeting spot and then shoot them with your sniper, easy, but then once you have exchanged the drugs for the weapons you need to drive them back to Diaz, but on the way back, them dudes hell try and kill you, they shoot you, block you off, ram you. Its so damn hard! Any tips on how to pass this mission? Every time I try (Which has been about 40 times, no joke) I get blown up in the car!
  7. Meh, I thought all Ceaser missions were pretty crap. But I haven't played the missions in about a year.
  8. Iam Hooper, Iam an Aussie and I love me San Andreas.
  9. Hooper


    Used to be cool.....A year ago:) Nah, it's pretty funny.
  10. Hooper

    Holden VS Ford

    Ford - Lowndes>Scafe
  11. How do you take the pics so that they appear in the Gallery file?
  12. Haha, same. Then I got so pissed off I just wasted her. And I was like Nooooooooooooooooo. Wasted my time lol
  13. Okay, I used the Search function and I couldn't find a thread that could help so here we go; What do we do when SAMI's Mod Installer doesn't work, and install mods properly? Is there some sort of manual way that we can install these mods. I have only got cars and bikes to work really. Is there a different program that installs other types of mods such as Skins, Shops, weapons? Cheers
  14. Because it puts civillians at risk
  15. Another one, thats not hard, but annoying because I had to do it loads of times was the one early on with Ryder at that millitary place. The one with the forklift and crates!
  16. Is that CJ lol? I always wanted to know who that guy was! He doesn't even look like him.
  17. The Gang stuff was the most annoying thing in the world!!!!
  18. Oh yeah, anything that that Truth guy, talkin about his Weed n Mushies
  19. Hey wassup?

    Whats Happenin?

  20. Hey wassup!

    Whats happenin?

  21. I have a crap graphics card, a Pentium 4 and 512meg of Ram - So my comp isnt that great. What are the best settings that I should run on? Iam running on 800x600 in windowed mode because it would lag to much in full screen. So what "Draw Distance"do? And what other settings should I apply for no lag? Cheers
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