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  1. I despise positive racism just as much as I do negative racism, everyone should be treated the same.
  2. As for myself, it's hard to define. I despise the BNP, makes me fucking cringe that I'm part of the same race as those fucking pricks. I could say I'm the opposite to them. Some of their policies may sound harmless and in good taste, but if you look deeper, expecially into the past of the party members and the National Front, you will see the kind of sick shit they believe in and want to enforce. Say a year ago, none of us would have even thought the BNP would get as far as they have today. I'd have to start a revolt if they ever got into power, I would become a terrorist.
  3. MOREE THAN A FEEEELINGGG! LOL, but it's not really the kids fault for having such a shit mum.
  4. If I was a rozzer, I'd just turn up, shit in his console and leave.
  5. Yeah, because beating children really works. That women is a dumbarse, 911 should be used for emergencies only. She should have either taken his console away from him for a week or taken him to see a doctor.
  6. I could get the bus to London without paying anything!
  7. I've read around that it's possible, if not better. You can get rid of the mods much more easily after you've gotten tired of them, apparently.
  8. Have a massive orgy, obviously.
  10. London sounds good. Lots of booze and lots of GTA?
  11. Connor

    New Staff

    Congratulations, would appear you're doing a good job.
  12. You people are in the restricted group so when you post, we know it's time to press the back button and find something else to look at.
  13. [quote name=Kara ' date='20 December 2009 - 10:12 AM' timestamp='1261303951' post='371232] Heres me: Nice pic.
  14. America are the terrorists.
  15. God help you if you say "because they're terrorists."
  16. You just can't say that though, the US have nuked places before. Iran, North Korea, and Russia haven't done anything at all. Stop posting like a bell end, please.
  17. I'm straight, ignore that creepy 12 year old and chat to me.
  18. Raybob, you're an idiot. Governments aren't stupid enough to just go around executing suspected terrorists without a fair trial beforehand. How would you like it if you were wrongly convicted of a capital crime, you end up lying on a piss-soaked matress in a cold cell, awaiting lethal injection? Same principles for not bombing other countries too, I don't even need to explain, just read up on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Let me ask you something, have you ever considered that your own country might be a dominant, cold nation with a history of murdering innocent civilians with nuclear weapons and to this day continues to have them ready for use? And you're afraid of Iran researching nuclear technology?
  19. I can pretty much play anything I'm given. http://www.myspace.com/shockwaveband09
  20. you know...if ytou wanna do that fine, but don't blame your kids turning out like cocks...
  21. Would you let any mother other than it's own mother feed your kid? No, because they'd develop the wrong bond for the wrong person. I could shag a seal with fireworks up my ass, on a plane, in space dressed like a mongoose covered in grease? Just because I can, doesn't mean I should.
  22. But is it the right bond for a father to a child? Whether you like it or not, mothers and fathers play very different roles. That's irrelevant. A bond is a bond. You either have a good bond with your child or you don't. Your role as a mother and a father mean shit to bonding. Too many fucks want to just dick around and leave the child entirely up to the mother. Who the hell were you directing that at? Whoever it was, you have no right to say things like that to anyone on here and I think everyone will agree with me. I didn't see any reason for that, we were all having a civilized debate. Actually, all of you are acting like you are high and mighty and deserve the final word. And none of you can come up with anything except "IT NOT NATURAL!!!!", which has been debunked many times. Hey, Connor, are you the one who likes Kurt Cobain? He had lactating issues in his early 20's. Think what you like. You seem to be focusing on "IT NOT NATURAL!!!!", we've said a lot more than that, if you want that logic then all you'd be saying is "IT NATURAL!!!!". And yeah I love Cobain, and he probably did have some lactating problems, but I've never heard of him feeding his kids, and that's what we're discussing here, not the ability to lactate like I said before. You know when a daddy fucks his child, they usually don't grow up with the best of personalities, maybe being breast fed by your father could have a similar effect. Do you want to suck your dads breasts?
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