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  1. Are you saying you dont bond with your family on other days? I know for most people Christmas is about spending time with family etc. but I am pretty sure you could bond with your family on other days? You know exactly what I meant lol.
  2. LOL yeh! YAY that's awesome! Grow up. Out of curiosity, what do you use to produce important documents that require a decent level of formatting?
  3. Ooh, can't wait! But no tgtap for a week?? And nice Futurama reference there.
  4. Kids are stupid these days though, most of them don't know what an onion is. I see Christmas as a way to bond with family and even though I'm not a Christian, I still have a respect for a man who stood up against a big, powerful religion to stick with his beliefs up until death, even if they are complete bullshit.
  5. Why thank you. And because I said God doesn't do what you want, that means it's contradicting your beliefs? 1. Everything about me probably "contradicts your beliefs". 2. So everything in your life is perfect?
  6. If this is true: Really sums up an ignorant Christian American. If not: Incredibly funny...
  7. lol god doesn't do what you want.
  8. Oh how silly of me, as long someone doesn't rob me or throw a grenade at me, that must mean they're completely perfect.
  9. I don't know, but how much you will go with this? We all understood that your an atheist, you don't believe in God, but have a break. You are now being ignorant and insulting someone's belief. What if someone on this forum really believes in Jesus and by seeing this, you made him angry or so. That's how you do when you get too nervous that some people say what they think, or they aren't on your side of view? It isn't good at all. Everything has a limit. Don't have nothing to you, but I tend not to like this type of people. It was nothing like that, as soon as I posted a video of something about Jesus, there's Christians going on about "blasphemy". I gave an example to show how that wasn't anything like blasphemy, that was a joke. EDIT: Huck? Christians doing NOTHING WRONG to me? What have you been smoking?
  10. Fuck Jesus... That enough blasphemy for you?
  11. I'd melt mine with a magnifying glass.
  12. I forgot, my bad. I got 2 right though...
  13. Yeah, the "shelf of fictional characters".
  14. Yeah, usually I just make the teacher feel insecure about her beliefs, etc... So it's not all bad.
  15. Once in religious education class: I was asked about my views and I said that "I believe God doesn't exist because, wait, all you need to do is just look around you right now, do I need to continue?" and then from that quite peaceful and unintimidating speech, I recieved verbal abuse from pupils who were Christian, apparently because I'm sick for not believing in God. Who has the morals there?
  16. I get a lot of it at school, usually in Religious Education.
  17. Red Devil, don't go accusing people of petty shit that isn't even true just so you can feel all big and powerful and hope people think the same. Bear clearly didn't do anything wrong and you're just using her for your sick game. Unlucky for you the whole forum is behind her and not you. This isn't even a discussion about religion anymore, what the hell? Anyway, back on topic, anybody ever get Christians assuming they have morals and you don't because you're agnostic/atheist?
  18. They should really idiot proof YouTube.
  19. Redneck isn't even a race, commmonnnn...chilllll.
  20. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=zing
  21. Yes it does mean you're a sick individual. This is your last chance to reveal you're joking you know, after a few days, everyone will believe it...
  22. LOL...don't be such a dumb arse, he just explained how it WAS NOT stereotyping. What you just said in that edit can be called stereotyping if I we were all using your logic, but it isn't is it?
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