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  1. You already showed your views on God dozens of times, on Christianity, we understood, but you keep bashing Him and insulting Him for "your fun" because you know you will piss people of by doing this. If we read the Bible, we would not get any references to God as being a "cunt", trust me. It is only your interpretation, that will change in future. No it won't lol. Religion doesn't suit humanity anymore. This should clear the rest up. http://www.evilbible.com/Top_Ten_List.htm
  2. That wasn't the point I was getting at, why does he need to post in a different language, on a forum where it clearly says in the rules to only post in English, is he above the rules? Check that what you're saying in your post is valid before you start telling me not to bullshit. @on-topic The only thing that annoys me about people on Facebook is when they send me requests for groups that they know I really couldn't give a shit about.
  3. I think that anyone who's such a wuss that they feel the need to post in a foreign language to disguise what they're saying is a lowlife. You know, boycotting all these popular things doesn't make you guys look cool or indie or anything like that. Anybody that says you are cool, are obviously a couple of letters out, just take a look at yourselves.
  4. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=old Refer to number 3.
  5. With that logic, why does anyone still talk to you when you're such an asshat. Also this is OLD.
  6. You brought it on yourself Husky.
  7. BAN BAN BAN BAN BAN! I use the internet to read about shit mostly now.
  8. It's true that he's a cunt, just read the Bible. Aren't I allowed my views on the Christian God? You have yours. I don't see where I was trying to convert anyone there.
  9. I'm not using it to download games after I've finished recording in a bit.
  10. I'd say having 3 months to live encourages another attack.
  11. I think it's pretty sick that he should be let go on "compassionate grounds", he didn't have any compassion when he ruined thousands of lives. If he commits another attack now, I'm going to fucking lol so much at the Scottish government.
  12. I have similar views Gerard, I don't believe anything about "supreme beings", but there could be something else with a decent scientific explaination to why we're here and what we've got to come. There are things in the world that are proven to exist, but are incredibly weird and hard to explain, maybe our minds are stronger and more connected to the universe than we think.
  13. God no, more kids. Ask yourself a question before you post anything else though, "Does anyone actually care?". I'm not being nasty, just keep that in mind. Welcome back, I guess.
  14. @Greensabre13. I didn't actually, no. As an Atheist, I claim that God does not exist. How could that stop me belonging to a religion such as Buddhism, when there is no mention of God in it? But just because I'm an Atheist, doesn't mean I'm a Buddhist? Can't a Theist belong to Christianity, Islam, etc? @MishoM Go find the posts where I've been saying things like this and post them, otherwise, don't say anything at all about me. Please don't bring the ones back where I was asking what reasons they have for believing in God or ones where I state that Atheists don't kill people because they're Atheists, but Theists kill people because they either think God told them to, God expects them to or they really need to force other people into their religion? To be honest it just seems like you're really pissed off about me discussing your beliefs, in a topic where we're meant to be discussing our beliefs.
  15. Porn, lots of porn. Porn all the way. Absolutly.
  16. Just noticed then, the "See new posts" link on the main page takes me to the forum index, eek.
  17. Looks really, really nice, I've yet to see it in a high resolution though (different PC), looking forward to it. Feels really good too, haven't experienced any bugs as of yet. Everyone keep your fingers crossed. Good look with the new position Gerard.
  18. "Saving" them from living life to the fullest.
  19. I don't do any P.E, I just fucking hate the teachers. They'd just think I'm lazy, but I do kung fu every Wednesday, I run more laps and do more exercises in 2 hours than they do in 2 days.
  20. Who was doing that? Stop trying to take the moral failground.
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