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  1. Hey Crim, hows it going dude? Haven't talked in a while. PM me your MSN, gotta catch up.
  2. Don't talk about me in the third person in my own thread. You got something to say, say it to me. I been here a lot longer than you hothead, so back off. All I asked for was some help and you gave it to me which I appreciate. I was responding to your posts, I hardly call it being impatient. You would be a little frustrated too if you had just paid good money for a game that you'd worked hard hours for to earn the money and it didn't work.
  3. Does anyone have a list of servers, I tried to patch up to 1.1 and it says error, reason unknown. Anyone had this before?
  4. Ok, I'll check it out. On MTA it says "Invalid Executable. Please ensure you have the correct executable installed." Whats going on?
  5. Hi, I haven't been around for a while but this morning I found Vice City for $20 new on PC. What version of multi theft auto do I need to download to play the game?
  6. Aikido, mountain bike riding, motorbikes....do you guys that said PS2 and computer do anything that involves going outside?
  7. Of course it's not gonna be perfect, maybe when I get a little better with the program I'll give the same thing another shot and see how I go
  8. I found a tutorial on the web using Photoshop for how to make a woman invisible. This is the original image And this is the result Later on today I'm going to make another one with me as the subject matter. I'll post it when it done.
  9. Hmm, anyway, war111craft I finished your sig, check your PM's. Og spanny, are you talking about the mushroom cloud?
  10. I will make everyone's sigs in a day or two because I have a huge history assignment due in two days And -BELiEVER-, get outta here, go make your own damn topic
  11. Edit your previous posts, and why would anyone pay money for pictures they could get off internet for free?
  12. Goodbye mvi, all the best
  13. How much did you actually do? 7/10
  14. I wouldn't drop the soap WWYDI you got leprosy?
  15. In relation to the PS3, I google imaged it and a lot of this came up Is there a model that anyone has seen yet?
  16. Yeah, I'll do it tonight, I'm at school now @mgoogles: english please @mvi, hey my work is improving, I made the alliance sig for CFM and DS, I've only been using the program for 2 months
  17. This is mine, at the end it says "to be continued...", ignore it, people are over San Andreas vids and I can't be screwed to make anymore. Mission Impossible 3
  18. CJ, he is more gangsta, when was the last time I saw Sweet shooting anyone or being chased by the cops?
  19. The Cartel Cruiser or the Mafia Sentinel
  20. Yeah not bad, a better skin than the average invisionfree board but it still lacks uniqueness. I've seen soo many invisionfree forums based on GTA
  21. @mgoogles: no, not for sale @WOOZIE2, yep what do you want it to look like?
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