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  1. spaz owns!!!! chris sucks black cock

  2. all you mother fuckers are gay little cock sucking bitches.

  3. 24 enjoys balls in its mouth

  4. emos r gay

    im not saying anything tho. just thought id throw that out there.

  5. lifes_joke

    cant find vice city in stores

    i said i didnt want to use internet....but ill try gamestop or something. thanks guys.
  6. ive been looking in stores like target best buy and gamestop and nobody has it for computer. i have it for ps2 but i kinda want to play online cuz thats what this place is about. anyone know wer i can get it? i dont want to buy it online. bad experiances.
  7. just kidding. hope you have fun. im a noob 2.

  8. welcome to the gtaplace, aka, hell. =p

  9. lifes_joke

    glitches and stunt spots

    ok so ive been playing vice city for a while and i am stuipid or somethin because i cant find any good glitches. so i thought id make this topic and steal ur spots! post your favorite glitch or stunting spots here and share em wit friends. ps:if this is in wrong forum plz plz tell me.
  10. lifes_joke


    my computer cant watch the vids but what is artist shredding or whatever?
  11. lifes_joke

    A new sig!

    i rate it a 4
  12. i got the hot coffee mode or whatever version and i cant beat the game (stuck on the airplane ending mission) but how do i unlock the hot coffee mode. i got the game from my uncle, and he said it was but how do i check? eidt: it for xbox my xbox crashes whenever i play san andreas for like, 30 minutes. ill be in a long mission and boom! it doesnt happen for other games so wtf is happenin? please.
  13. lifes_joke

    Sexual Preference

    bi would be interesting.
  14. lifes_joke

    animal abuse

    but hes concern is valid. some dogs r mean, but that cuz theve been abused. pit bulls r only trained to be mean. kinda the point of this topic.
  15. lifes_joke

    Word Association

  16. lifes_joke

    need a little help

    no just kidding man. sorry i cant help.
  17. lifes_joke

    Kill the person above you

    beats mr llama to death with his signature. then walks away, and slowly unwraps a sucker.
  18. lifes_joke

    animal abuse

    i love dogs. i had a neighbor and his dog was a german shepard, and he would get out of his cage and run at you barking like mad but when he caught up to you, all he wanted was for you to pet him.
  19. lifes_joke

    The Random Post Topic

    my airsoft gun backfired!!!! my face! ahhh!
  20. lifes_joke

    animal abuse

    we should storm the labs freeing the animals we can save and tie down the scientist, chop their balls off (if they even got any) and blend em up and feed em through a straw. amen.