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  1. oh hai how r u

  2. What?!

    Do you have a psp?

    No, I do not have a PSP yet. Despite the high price of it, I just don't have enough incentive to buy it. Eh, for now the DS will suffice.
  3. What?!

    7up -or- Sprite

    7-UP Despite the fact that it has a terribly fun game named after it, 7-UP just generally tastes better than Sprite. Plus, whenever I'm sick I drink 7-UP for some odd reason and I feel better. Heh.
  4. What?!


    Ha ha, what a loser.
  5. What?!

    Fav City/county

    San Fierro, in my humble opinion, is the best city. Red County, on the other hand, is the best county on account of the spooky woods and rumored monstrosities roaming around. Supposedly.
  6. Yes, I have heard of it. It was the only time Rockstar made a GTA game not based around an American city. But, sadly, it did not make too big of an impact, hence the mainly American-based games which were released after said GTA London game. All I was trying to say was that the American-based GTAs made more money than the European-based GTA. And why do I get the feeling that you have something against me? Eh, there's one thing we can all agree on - GTA4 is sure to be a great game, no matter where it's located.
  7. What?!

    favourite car?

    The Mafia Sentinel. It's the best car in any GTA game, in my opinion. It just looks so cool racing down the street and all. Not even the Infernus can compete with the almighty Mafia Sentinel.
  8. It just makes sense that since Rockstar has done games centered around New York City, California, and Miami, all of which are in the United States, they would logically advance to the Midwest. But, I guess with all the support they receive from their fans they could do anything and we'd still eat it up.
  9. What?!

    god of war

    This is seriously one of the best games I have ever had the pleasure to play. Everything about it is above-par. The graphics, game-play, cut-scenes, everything. However, I can see how some certain individuals may dislike it. If you're not into the whole Greek Mythology thing, then maybe you'd find this boring.Anyway, the game lets you battle Ancient Greek monstrosities such as Cyclopses, Hydras, and a whole cast of other characters I forgot the names of. @mike_subuzi, The game's plot isn't boring at all. Your character was betrayed by Ares, the Greek God of War, and you must embark on an epic quest to take revenge upon him. Eh, it doesn't sound that boring to me, anyway.
  10. What?!

    Whats the hardest game

    Ugh, the Getaway. I thought it was going to put GTA out of the market, but it sucked. The missions were too hard, and it just generally sucked. Just thinking about that horrendous game makes me want to kill something.
  11. What?!

    Favorite Movies

    In no particular order: Gladiator Alexander Braveheart Pulp Fiction Reservoir Dogs The Matrix 1,2, and 3 The Godfather Trilogy Office Space Scarface Lord of the Rings Trilogy Star Wars Saga As you may have guessed, I am a big fan of Ancient war movies.
  12. I think that GTA4 will take place in Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, or any Midwestern city, as that is the only part of the USA Rockstar has yet to conquer. I, personally, would want it to be in a foreign country, such as Tokyo, Paris, or Rome. What's more important than the setting, however, is what new features it will hold for us, the adoring fans. Just think of what wonders await us in GTA4.
  13. What?!

    Favorite gang

    Zaibatsu. They were the coolest gang in the whole game, plus they had the best cars in the whole game, as someone mentioned earlier. The missions were very enjoyable, also. Then again, the Loonies had the whole crazy-cool factor going for them...
  14. What?!

    GTA 3 or Vice City?

    I like GTA3 because it was the first GTA game I'd ever played, and it didn't just focus around a single element like Vice City did. It had you working for a Mafioso-esque organization, an Asian crime syndicate, a Hispanic street gang, and a few more characters that were unique in their own way. Vice City's missions, on the other hand, didn't seem as lively and varied as GTA3's. Don't get me wrong, Vice City is a great game, one of the best. But in my humble opinion, GTA3 is the best. No doubt about it. That's actually a very good point. GTA3 lacked the side missions and mini-games Vice City had. GTA3 had missions and the packages - and that was about it. Vice City had mini-games, sidemissions, property to purchase, more vehicles and whatnot, etc., etc.
  15. What?!

    Favorite all time GTA car

    I can't believe nobody has mentioned the Police Cruiser yet. It was one of the best cars in any of the three masterpieces, if you could get your hands on one. They were surprisingly easy to acquire, actually, if you had the proper skills.