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  1. In my case, I just used the "gimme loads of money" cheat several times (used a trainer). Then I delivered a couple of cars at the docks and that's what my balance turned into!
  2. No. I must say I'm a cheater!
  3. Yes, I've completed 70 % so far this time and I'm a Total Liar (I guess it should be called Total Embarrassment) Statistics: Criminal rating: Total Liar (-9128) Highest media attention 5232 Stuff of legends
  4. There's a bunch of things all characters say, especially these ones... "OG-Loc, OG- Joke. That's more like it" (one of his girlfriends) "Car crashes are so erotic" (same girlfriend) "Keep talking, That's amazing, Oh really, Uhu uhu" (CJ when driving with his girlfriends) "I ain't insecure but tell me I'm the best, You should get paid for this, I love you girl, I hope you're girl" " (CJ when having some "Hot Coffee") Tha funniest conversation: Between CJ and Sweet talking about the British guy that jerks off all the time (Dr. Jerkov) And my favorite quote "I smoke 'cause it gives me knowledge" (a pedestrian)
  5. A song that reminds me of VC is "Raining Blood" by Slayer. It plays at times (VRock) Unfortunately, this song is too new for Vice City.
  6. Here's a couple of screenshots I've taken! I guess they're self-explanatory
  7. It all depends. Does that pack come with an auto installer? If so, you'll just have to open it, then locate the folder where you installed GTA III and that's it. It should install smoothly as you haven't installed any other mods. If your file doesn't have an installer, just take a look at the "READ ME" file (should be included in your ZIP or RAR file). It normally tells you to extract the files to the your GTA/data/maps folder. I highly recommend you back up your original files in case the mod doesn't work or your game crashes. Hope you can get your mod to work... That's a cool mod.
  8. Does anyone know if there's a mod for the draw distance in GTA III? As you may have noticed, there's a file called "timecyc.dat" that controls visibility and fog and stuff in your game. I've added those to Vice City and San Andreas and wow! You can tell the difference! If anyone knows of the mod I'm talking about, I'd appreciate your comments. Thanks a lot
  9. Actually I have a bunch in my Gallery folder. Here are some more...
  10. My favorite one is between Tommy and Big Mitch Baker at the bar (I think it's the very first mission there) Baker: Can you handle a bike? Tommy: Can you sit on a stool and drink? That was a cool answer!!!
  11. I never liked and I still don't like the changing weather in Liberty City. Actually, I posted a comment wondering if anyone knew of a mod that could change the weather as well as the draw distance (just like in Vice City and SA) Everything else is cool regarding the huge change from GTA2 to GTA 3.
  12. Hi everyone... I'm new around here and I'd like to get help from any of you guys. I've modded my game in all possible ways but I still haven't been able to find a mod to get rid of the fog and heavy atmosphere of Liberty City (just like you can do in Vice City and San Andreas) I recently downloaded a file that's called "Liberty city x 10 Draw distance". I tried it but the game was just messed up. I'm afraid this file is not for GTA III. Could anyone let me know if there's a file I can add to GTA III so I can have clear skies in my Liberty City? Thanks very much, Corpse
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