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  1. Don Cheech

    Favorite GTA storyline

    i liked all the story lines except san andreas, i didnt like it at all but my fav is vc
  2. i need a save game that takes place right after the mission salvators salvation, and dont tell me to try playing again (its hard because my analog stick thing is missing) and to tell to check google because thats what iv been doing for 3 days and no luck so if any1 can help
  3. Don Cheech

    Why does GTA vc keep crashing?

    after i starting saving with cheats, when ever i went over to little havana the game crashed but i fixed it be reinstalling
  4. Don Cheech

    new vice city 2007 mod save game

    any help?
  5. Don Cheech

    new vice city 2007 mod save game

    i did, no luck
  6. Don Cheech

    new vice city 2007 mod save game

    yeah it would be cool if someone had a link to a save game or a save game handy for the New Vice City 2007 mod, i cant use the base game save or the new vice city 2004 mod i need it for the 2007 version, thanks
  7. Don Cheech

    Help with "Jive Drive"

    after 8 or 9 tries all resluting in Lance dying i gave up and downloaded a save game for right after that mission was passed
  8. Don Cheech

    Boomshine blowout (ps2) help!

    i tried it 3 times
  9. Don Cheech

    Favourite VCS outfit

    cuban for me too, check in some of your safehouses, in some closets you will see the tommy vercetti shirt, i wish i could wear it
  10. Don Cheech

    San Andreas or Vice City?

    definatly Vice City, personaly i think san andreas SUCKED!
  11. Don Cheech

    Ive beat GTA san andreas 12 times

    iv competed SA about 3 times.....all with cheats but i have to disagree with you Brandon C. i think Vice City had the best story line, but yea congrats on beating it so many times
  12. ok i got miss liberty, and road to ghost town to work with auto install but when i tried the highway i clicked install and i got a message that said "oh fiddle sticks" and some error of some kind came up
  13. Don Cheech

    GTA4 music

    i would like a classic rock station with alot of 70's and 80's rock and no i would not listen to hip hop, since i hate rap/hip hop
  14. the theme song of the trailer