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    I'm noob in GTA San Andreas. [even though it's my favourite game]<br />I'm newbie in GTA III.<br />I'm pro in GTA Vice City.

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  2. lol. yeah . this topic is kinda old enough not to have anymore comments, lol
  3. lol, if possible, a Lamborghini Reventon
  4. I live in Mars. It's better living here than anywhere else.. joking lol. I was living in Singapore, now, i'm in Venice, in California.
  5. I wanna live at R*'s house. Just kidding LOL. I'd rather live at Sunshine Autos at Vice City. It's the place where i can steal cars FREELY.
  6. Singaporean/Filipino/American. That makes me a SingaFilipiAmericanorean. Get it?
  7. Hot girls - if i get used to them Hotdog My computer My cellphone My bed GTA Tokyo Drift Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 Love Human beings Ghosts - made contact of some of em' before. My mom My dad Kay - my CRUSH!! just a crush.. u know.. like.. i admire her. she looks pretty at every photo she takes. Angels YouTube MSN - [email protected] = add me! Walking at abandoned streets at night Coke Ice cream JayD AKA Lord Voldemort Cartoons Christmas Santa Boobs - Yeah. Everyone sure has got in love with BOOBS before, didnt we. (FEMALES RESTRICTED) Staying up late - 5am in the morning Having some school fights.. Lol. actually.. .. ............. Sleeping at my sofa more to come...................
  8. @ hunter88888: dude. that helps. im also a fearless mother ****er. Lol. but, seriously. i also did what he said. i conquored ALL of them. believe me or not, your choice. cause, u havnt try it. and we did. so there is really an answer of people saying.. "he's lying".. "they're lying".. you'll be like one fearless mother ****er.. till you try overcoming them..
  9. so, can anyone really help me out by using the texture i found to fit my .dff?
  10. and 1 more thing. i don't want to get into relationships YET. and i don't really like girls that are in love with me, staring at me all the time. i just get pissed and i don't know why. it's just like that. i can't stop it. =/ it's like.. some auto-detect machine built-in inside of me. Lol. well, seriously.
  11. i'm afraid of gettin banned from tgtap. i'm afraid of the dark. i have seen lots of ghosts in my life entire life.. like, when i was a kid, i was taken cared of a stupid spirit always hovering me. BUT I WONT FORGET THIS ONE. when i was 9 years old, around 2am in the morning.. i wanted to go to my kitchen and get some food.. i went down the stairs, turned left, turned left and turned right to my kitchen. it was a long way. my bed was at the 3rd storey. it was all dark!! then.. ok.. i ate some burger.. some chocolate.. and drank some coke.. THE SCARY PART. i was on my way to get back to sleep.. i turned off the lights at the kitchen.. tried to go back up to my room. to get to the stairs, i need to turn left, right and right again. ok.. then.. i turned left.. turned right.. and.. when i turned my next turn.. i tripped and fell. i wasnt sure why i fell.. i looked back.. it was spirit or some sort of zombie with cuts all over her body!! she was seated against the wall. Well.. here.. my mom didnt like my cursing too much.. So i screamed, "HOLY SHIT!!". My mom heard my voice. She ran down and was looking for me. she was angry. she reached the first floor, she saw the zombie! she took me and ran up and shouting for my dad.. well my dad was deeply asleep.. when my mom and i reached her bedroom.. a lady was standing at the corner of the room. i was shocked! my mom woked my dad up and my dad was like "AHHH!!" and hid under his blanket. well that time, he was joking when he said that. my mom said, "daddy! thats not me!". because.. my mom likes scaring my dad often by turning herself to a ghost of some sort. my dad was O.O and looked at the lady. and was 100% sure it wasnt my mom. and ran away.. what a noob. lol. 3 days later, we transfered to a 2 storey house.. that was the story i will never ever forget.
  12. W00T. You the man man. There was a girl who like me and i didnt like her. When teacher was teaching, she was staring and smiling at me. She was friggin fat and ugly. Next day, same thing happened. Another next day, same thing happened. 2 months passed by and i got pissed. That day, during break time, i ran to her and gave her a... nah.. not a kiss.. a stone cold stunner. I told her, "You stare at me again, you get a stone cold stunner!!" Days later, she transfered school. A week passed by. My crush had a birthday party at her house.. SHE WAS THERE!!! I was like.. holy crap.. I was there.. sitting down.. waiting for food.. bout' 30 mins later.. she was staring at me. i got so pissed. I ran to her, gave her a nice stone cold stunner, and pushed her to a 2.4m deep swimming pool. she couldnt swim so i left her to die.. end of story. What do you think i should have done... - _ -
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