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  1. Jet

    Guilty Pleasures

    You're damn right! pokemon really sucks ass I Love Astrix!
  2. I live in the Netherlands. The only thing I want to say is that there's no problem with buying games in Holland. I can buy every game I want. Example: Manhunt is Adult Only rated, and I bought it without any problems!
  3. Lol Watch that granny throwing a molotov
  4. Jet

    GTA IV HUD Revealed

    WTF? healt AND armor? I thought there was no armor, because of the new covering system
  5. Jet

    That creepy Mr Whoopie

    Jup there was! well... actually not, but Mr.Whoopee certainly has an place in VC
  6. Nero: You're a 100 % right!!!
  7. Jet

    Wich Is the best weapon

    Brass Knuckles Desert Eagle Sniper MP-5 M4 Satchel Charges Minigun Flower [to smash up your homie]
  8. Jet

    What is the bike you like

    NRG-500!!! has a niiiiice engine sound!
  9. If i had SA on PC it was my User Track Player. I have the PS2 version and the most of the times I listen to CSR, but sometimes to SF-UR...
  10. Jet

    Favourite Shop

    I chose Victim and Torso... Victim has a niiiiice green t-shirt with on CJ's left chest an Uzi!
  11. Jet

    One qeustion, why aren't there any kids in the game?!

    It's a 18+ rated game, R* knows that. If R* puts children in the game, they can have a large fine... Example: sega have been dragged for the judge for making the game ' The golden Compass '. This was due to rights of children or so... Don't ask me about the judgement, but this is the only thing I know about Children in violent games...
  12. Jet

    Help needed!

    Okay! I think I already know enough! Thanks a lot!
  13. Jet

    Help needed!

    Hello! I have been looking for an mod that replaces the usual map [like on the radar] with an 'sattelite view' of San Andreas [you know what i mean?] but i really cant find it its just like in this pic from thegtaplace's POTD: http://www.thegtaplace.com/potd/viewpotd.p...=1138394721.jpg can you give me the link of this mod? thank you
  14. Jet

    GTA IV Screenshot Updates

    I really like this one in the subway! Niko with a Sanchez driving through the narrow subway tubes
  15. Jet

    New GTA IV Trailer Tonight At 10PM GMT

    ehr... 10 PM GMT??? Where is that? in NYC right? I really don't have any idea
  16. Jet

    New Multiplayer Preview in OXM

    Awww... The more news I hear about GTA IV, the more I CAN'T WAIT
  17. Jet

    First GTA IV Multiplayer Screenshots

    The clip distance disappoints me Even San Andreas on my PC has a better clip distance than a 360 or ps3 :S And bielieve me: i don't have such a NASA system on my desktop...
  18. Jet

    Four New GTA IV Screenshots

    Yeah! Netherlands rocks !!! btw... I watch the Power Unlimited Websiter every day, so i was already annouced of these screenshots
  19. Jet

    I overwrited my save game! :(

    You'd better not be so lazy. You better hurry up with accomplishing missions, i mean, you're at a 50%, so you hadn't completed the story line after all
  20. Jet

    Secrets and Easter Eggs

    Here you see there are many, many dreadful encounters with searching for some easter eggs and/or glitches. You know what we'll find in GTA IV!!!
  21. Jet

    3 More Screenshots

    Whow!! These are really nice.
  22. Jet

    Fake Screenshots

    I've been looking 'round here and there, and those images are beautiful [as fake].
  23. What the Fuck!!!!!!!!!! Another more-than-3-months waiting for GTA IV, my Playstation 3 is getting old! No, that's not true, but its so not fair. I wanted to play GTA IV since october, and now we probably have to wait for spring 2008! I'm sorry Rockstar and Take 2, but you are all parking up the wrong tree.
  24. Jet

    Secrets and Easter Eggs

    I got something too on the disc of san andreas for the PS2. With the download from this page [from the gta place of course ]. I've looked to the texture files on the disc and what I saw were Images from Vice City! When you take this path in your browser when the gta-san andreas disc is inserted: D:\Models\TXD\Splash1.txd and Splash2.txd. I don't know why rockstar put these images on the disc, but they are no use to the whole game!