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  1. Well, I've been wondering what this seemingly useless control was for. I reckon it's left over from the PS2 version or something... But I have both the PS2 version and the PC version and can't get what is missing... So, what the hell does Mouse Look do on PC? It's under the "Vehicle Controls" part of the reconfiguration. And I've pressed it on billions of occasions and it's done nothing. I started just setting it to any random key on my keyboard I'd like to know what it is, for modding purposes
  2. Nice! I'm getting Vice City soon so I'll be starting to do a few mods on there as well as GTA III. Probably coding mods mostly, but I'm trying to get the skills in gfx and textures as well as modelling
  3. I'm sick of Liberty... Rockstar seem to be proud of Liberty City or something, because I don't think there is a single GTA game (not counting the oldskool ones ) without at least a reference to how good Liberty is. GTA 1 - Liberty City, Vice City, San Andreas GTA 2 - Anywhere GTA III - Liberty City GTA VC - Vice City, Tommy comes from Liberty City. GTA SA - San Andreas, Carl comes from Liberty City. GTA IV - Liberty City II GTA CW - Liberty City II However, I do think we may see the return of Vice City or San Andreas... GTA 1 featured all 3 locations, then they played out, in order, in the 3D GTA games. Maybe Rockstar are gonna stick to these places... I guess, if it wasn't for San Andreas... GTA IV would be huge. But since it is compared to San Andreas, it's frowned down upon. San Andreas had nearly everything you could want in a game, especially a GTA game. And the most annoying thing to most people is the change... "If it aint broke, don't fix it" - The new game engine means that we may never again get to experience another game quite like the San Andreas we know and love. This goes for GTA 3 and Vice City too... If Rockstar were gonna create them again, it just wouldn't feel right, at least to me. GTA is just going up through the generations. Rockstar are a company, wanting to make money. They see the new engine to be a chance to gain buys of the more modern gamers. GTA would be nothing to most people if it had just kept the old GTA 1 engine forever... So they are gonna keep making new engines to stay "fresh" until the GTA frenchise eventually slows down and they pull out the next frenchise (Agent?). It's the way the industry works... And yes, 'Agent' has been announced for the PS3. Rockstar themselves said it would be big and lets face it, GTA can't go on forever - Although, even if GTA does "die"... People like me will cling onto their copies forever and keep modding it and making Total Conversions that get more downloads then Rockstar gets buys, lol I'm hoping GTA is big enough for there to still be a large amount of people in the GTA community after the frenchise passes... I myself am getting the Vice City and III on PC so I can mod it - Even if it's old, it should still get played.
  4. Heh? You saying that simply having a comic weapon in game turns the whole game gay? The point I was trying to get through is that despite the title, the game will probably not be gay and if it was, so what? As long as there is no gay hot coffee... I'd be fine with playing it
  5. I have a big problem with the title of this episode... ... The title is too damn long to fit on the sidebar of my website. No, I'm not homophobic, unlike some... And I'm guessing that is what you expected while reading the title It seems obvious some don't like the idea of the character maybe being gay or something... I don't have a problem as long as there are no disturbing cutscenes, lol. And I'm sure this episode will bring us the classic weapon from San Andreas, a dildo... Because that'd just make GTA IV sooo much better xD The abillity to slap someone miles away with a simple flick of the dildo thanks to the ragdoll physics So, um... To make this topic of more use (just in case people are inclined to complain) what do you think of the title and what do you think it will actually mean? Will it mean a very "gay" game? Will the walking animations be replaced with skipping (I hope so)? And the ultimate question I really want answered... Will there be dildo's? - Ehem, there is nothing wrong with that question!!!
  6. I'm estatic with joy and proud to announce my new found abillity to make a texture mod without fking up really badly!! Ehem, I've never made a successful texture mod before (the whole wrapping thing confuses me) and have always dreamed of being able to mod the txd and dff files... Now, I can! And I think I did okay for my first go! Linkatous, Downloadatus (Eng(GB): Download Link / Eng(US): Download Link) Sorry, I'm in a bit of a hyper mood (It's 04:53 AM). Tell me what you think. I'm planning on changing the texture of the Blade to make it more shiny and sharp looking n such...
  7. Tell me what you think
  8. You could use my Ultimate CLEO Trainer. You will be able to scroll through all the cars in the game without spawning them (you can spawn them if you want, though) and you can even drive them before you spawn them... Although don't press "Page Down" whilst driving or you die Just press Ctrl+Backspace > Car Settings > Vehicle Spawner. If it crashes, it's most likely not the trainer, but one of the car installations is corrupt
  9. You can replace unused peds in the game and spawn them with either the data settings (hard) or CLEO (easy... if you know how). I like to do this with the original mission characters from San Andreas and put them in the background of my Machinima's to confuse people
  10. Crap, my PC is too slow to run GTAIV and I'm too rubbish at anything to do with images/design etc. to make textures or models... Always wanted to make some weapon/car mods for San Andreas and now GTA IV is out
  11. Also, if you want to switch to Firefox, make sure you read a guide on changing the settings to work with your browser and not waste bandwidth or give up after xx minutes... I found that when I first tried uploading with Firefox it never worked and kept timing out until I changed the about:config settings
  12. Download Page (With Information) This simple lil script renames your save files so that they show where you saved your game such as "The Johnson House", "Four Dragons Casino", "Ganton" etc.
  13. Fine, fine... Picky, eh? I've made a few (really minor) updates to this and the main page... I'm working on the 0.9 but I have decided to spend a little longer on it than I originally planned, this does mean that the next update will be better and more glitch-free though I might be able to fix the direction in the player movement keys EDIT: I would edit the title but for some reason I'm not allowed? EDIT2: Yay, edited it...
  14. I write alot of scripts (comedy mostly). Trying to get hold of a camera. For now, all I can do is make GTA Machinima's I don't think I'd use this community though... Still, pretty interesting site
  15. Probably the reason all her latest videos are in black n white
  16. Nope. I'm on 1024x768 and it nearly fills the screen... Which is one thing I don't like about this forum, the whole thing is too wide Can't wait to see how good it is... I might upgrade my forum
  17. vorbishooked.dll is in the folder, theres 2 vorbis.dll out of the CELO folder. vobis.dll and vorbisfile.dll Now how do you "mod" vorbis.dll? Put the CLEO vorbis.dll file in the GTA San Andreas folder. And make sure vorbisfile.dll, cleo.asi and vorbishooked.dll are both in the GTA San Andreas folder too... Also, make sure you are using either San Andreas v1.0 or 1.1 (preferably 1.0).
  18. No. Download it again, and overwrite your current HRE.cs with the one in the download. Don't use the text file
  19. You've probably corrupted the CLEO installation somehow. You must reinstall and make sure vorbis.dll is modified and vorbishooked.dll is in the folder, which is required along with cleo.asi to make CLEO work.
  20. You can download Sanny Builder, along with the latest sascm.ini from http://sannybuilder.com As for the crashing, make sure you are installing the file correctly. What steps have you taken?
  21. Did you make that script? Because it doesn't seem to be coded right... Also, make sure that the file is compiled and not just renamed to HRE.txt to HRE.cs
  22. Furnm Mod Made a few updates and wanted to re-release it instead of bumping mega-old topics Download here (with information and screens) The Furnm mod gives you the abillity to buy and place stuff in your house. The items are bought from 24-7 (accessible via safehouse) and then you can browse, buy and place your items. These are deletable and these will save when you save the game. Please note that I also reccommend saving to a different slot
  23. Dunno what "Lucky Charms" are, sounds like your sayi... Anyway... I like anything flavoured/full of sugar Hate stuff like Rice Crispies that are just plain, plainyness. I have to add sugar to them to give it a taste. I guess Sugar Puffs are nice or cornflakes or honey cheerios or wheetos... The list goes on. I can't really decide. Cerial is my favourite meal
  24. UPDATE: Okay, the Features are actually on the page now... It didn't update last time I've managed to add nearly every single feature too Also, I've just implemented Auto-Aim onto the upcoming version with a new, fresher way to enable and disable it And btw... Post more so I don't have to double post
  25. That's something I forgot to mention about UFO's... Common mistakes for UFO's are always usually planes. Those lights that blink in the sky are NOT UFO's. They're meant to be planes at a far distance... Much like in real life when you look up at night and you see the flashing of a plane far away. It's basically meant to give the illusion of far away planes in San Andreas and NOT UFO's! I even chased one and after about an hour of chasing the same one I got close enough to even fly through it and it is indeed, just a blinking light. I have to admit though, the thing turns alot and goes at insaine speeds for a plane but I don't think Rockstar were expecting us to judge the game on the speed of a flashing light. lol.
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