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  1. If your asking whether there's gonna be mods for GTAIV like there was for San Andreas... Hell yeah! But, most of the modders from the gtavc-gtasa era have probably gotten tired of cracking gamecode... So expect data and modelling mods to come on day 2 of the release and the best mods (coding) should come about 2 years later?
  2. Bumpies.... 0.1 BETA First BETA out Read the README.txt and I've included an exe to install automatically for people who have may difficulties trying to install it. GTAG Topic: http://gtag.ipbfree.com/index.php?&act...;f=26&t=410 TGTAP Topic: http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=20532 GTAF Topic: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=377225 Please review the other topics if you have a question. It might've already been answered :colgate:
  3. oh... how exciting. the source to mta... zzzz Source for SAMP please!!!
  4. I hate the fact there are updates for Firefox every 2 weeks and that they never even support old plugins! It's even been said that they're just doing it so they can keep track of their customers ect. It's really annoying!!! But do I ever see the few bugs get fixed? Hell no! Seems like they just make random updates that disable certain browser extensions and get on your nerves as it pops up 'reminding' you that you have updates ready every hour! I love Firefox but I would rather they stopped making tiny updates and work one good update that can at least support most plugins and release them after several months... It's just like they know they're the only good browser and want to have their users recreating plugins, redownloading themes and doing all sorts all over again just to show off their users to the other browsers. So, I won't be upgrading my Firefox for a while. I've found a perfect version which supports nearly all my wanted extensions and themes and I'm sticking with it. Rant over...
  5. It doesn't matter what procedures they take to try and protect it, it's gonna be cracked in about 2 weeks. All the protection is pointless to be honest. It will never make it harder for people to get it illegally, it'll just make it harder to install legally... Please enter your 1052 character serial from your games booklet below: Eh, besides from the serials being annoying, the ones that are in the booklet or on the game case would be a problem for anyone wanting to buy a second-hand game "There is no booklet!"
  6. Yay! Had me thinkin it was a new feature or somethin...
  7. Only Reputation addition? Meh, I already have that
  8. I dont know what you call this... But I wanna disable it and put it back to normal cuz it's getting on my nerves! I checked the 'My Controls' thing and I can't see any options... Thanks
  9. I definately agree that GTA is going downhill. I guess after the San Andreas hype that lasted about 4 years, we we're expecting "TEH BEST GAME EVA" when what we got was a game that was just trying to fit into the current gaming generation instead of actually making it as well as San Andreas was. We got a smaller map, less weapons... And we drop back into Liberty for about the 3rd time... And now Chinatown Wars? I don't mean to be ungreatful but I honestly think that they are making it just to scrape some money out of the DS owners pockets. Next they'll be thinking of ways to make money from the Wii or something. And let's think about the patern that maybe is emerging... Rockstar deal with Microsoft, then they deal with Nintendo... Maybe Sony are next in line for the 'exclusives'... I just think Rockstar should maybe think of something else... Or go back to making Lemmings
  10. Probably be as a modpack like San Andreas was going to have. So that you can choose which pack you want when you start a new game and then play whichever you pick By the way, if you didn't know about the San Andreas Mission Packs... You should definately check this out San Andreas Mission Packs
  11. 1. Turn the fricken caps off! It's annoying. 2. The .ftx file has to be in the CLEO_TEXT folder. 3. Read the README.txt file next time >.>
  12. Aww... Poor guy. Seems he lacks the abillity to keep his girlfriends interested. Which is a damn shame. He should try to be more adventurous Lol... Still a virgin. Maybe he could go for a record? He could break 2 records if he lives long enough
  13. I typed the below first... But I have now decided for you people with sore eyes... I'll give a lil quick list of what the below explains in detailed mode Spawn Cars. Change car colour/paintjob. Use 'Speed Keys' to gain full control of your vehicle. (Get from one side of map to other in 15 secs) Add/Remove Hydraulics and add Nitro! Add multiple car bombs (As many as desired) to your car and detonate them with 10 second timer! Take over the world and hack the CIA database. Take over San Andreas and control the game! Activate functions in the game without having to Alt+Tab! Easy interface. Game will go slow-mo while using menu so you dont waste precious in-game time. View all the cheats for the game and have the abillity to type them in slow-mo so you can enter a cheat faster than ever! Activate and deactivate any mods you've downloaded into custom slots! No CLEO knowledge required. Do all this and lots more! All without having to start up trainers and alt+tab out of the game! Change gravity, time, day and your stats! Teleport to places of interest or choose on the map where you want to go. The trainer is also a modpack of sorts... Many of my mods will be featured as add-ons to this trainer. Okay. Time to post my Work-In-Progress mod. Trainers are great as exe's but I find they usually lack some features and they also waste pc memory, require lots of alt+tabbing (Making gta open up slower each time) AND they dont run automatically when you start the game... Also, compatibillity with trainers has been a problem for me. Recently, the best trainer ever (GTASA Console) has stopped working on my PC even if I reinstall. So for that reason, I decided to look into how much I could do with CLEO. And it turns out, quite alot! At first I thought this was going to be a failure but after much coding and learning a few things... I carried on coding a script that changed your cars colour and paintjobs. It went well! I found that it was really simple, especially using external CLEO Scripts that are loaded by the main CLEO Trainer. So, I made a car spawner and took in some ideas from other trainers and coded them with a 90% success rate! So, now I've done quite alot and am onto the 2nd and 3rd parts of the trainer which handle the player and tells you cheats Unfortunately, due to some difficulty with memory hacking... I couldn't quite make the cheats auto-activate when you select them... But, it does something which I think is better instead... It gives you the cheats so that you can type them in yourself. PLUS, the trainer sets the game to mega-slow-mo (Almost paused) which means, you can find the cheat you want and type it in about 1.2 second in game time! The trainer runs .cs scripts in a subfolder which activate certain things and then close themselves. There's a few bugs but I find most correct themselves or are easy to work-around. Some scripts stay active until you toggle them off again (Via the Trainer's Menu) and let you do certain things while they are active. The thing I love about this above previous CLEO Trainers... Is that hotkeys are a done deal. There aren't really many hotkeys. You just press Ctrl + Backspace to open the friendly menu and select what you want. The only time there are hotkeys are if you enable them, or if you enable a function that lets you do things while the game is in play... Such as the 'Speed Keys' I've added which let you go fast in your car and jump it. Similar to GTASA Console although it may be harder to control... But it's pretty fun anyway Also, I'm working on a feature that lets you add CLEO Mods you've downloaded to the Trainers scripts directory... Then, you can actually load those mods with the trainer. What does this mean? Well, this means you can turn CLEO Scripts on and off without restarts of your game! You no longer have to reload your save game and you can add CLEO Mods while the game is in play. Wonderful, don't you agree? Bugs aren't too bad with this. I've only ever encountered 1 crash and 1 annoying thing... The 1 crash is when you try to open doors/boots/bonits of certain cars with certain things missing... But it's pretty rare. The annoying thing is that sometimes, the game will 'Forget' your car and render 'Speed Keys' or 'Guns on Car' scripts useless unless you reactivate them. Again, not something to worry about. Yes, this trainer does have the guns on car script... So, this is quite a breakthrough. I'm sure modders may find it pretty interesting too. And, I'm sure alot of people will perfer this to the average .exe running trainer... Also, a lil 'treat' for modders will be the fact that the trainer can activate/deactivate their mods on the fly. The problem would be, that some scripts wouldn't work well with the activate/deactivate function... But that also shouldn't be much of a problem. Ever wanted the 'Super CJ' mod but didn't want to have that power bar be there all the time? Ever wanted that script that makes your gun do something... But also wanted it to be the way it is without the mod? Well, this trainer should be the solution. Can't wait to post the done deal and hear your views on this mod. I'm not going to release many BETA's too soon as I want the first release to be feature packed. Any tips on what to add or if any expirienced modders wanna give a few tips... I'm more than greatful. I want this to be something that can really help alot of problems with using 20 different trainers, just to get the desired effect. Oh, and JUST in case you may be wondering... This trainer spawns cars and can control gravity... Okay, enough typing First BETA - 100% Complete... v0.6 BETA - 100% Complete... Version 1.0 - 70% Complete... Q: Why do you say it's one of the best trainers? It's not even a trainer!! A: The technical term for a trainer, is something that edits game values to make it easier. Which this does. [WIKI=Cheating_(video_games)#Trainers]Wikipedia[/WIKI]. But, the problem with memory address hacking is, although it may be able to do just about anything... There are alot of things that are unique to this style of coding and CLEO. Also, this is packed with more features than any other trainer I've seen... So unless you can find a better one (Link please ) then this remains as one of or, simply... The best trainer for GTA San Andreas.
  14. Yeah, there were lots of updates to news that I managed to collect and post on ma site I also entered the wrong birthdate and got myself temporarily blocked from Social Club site... But I can get back on now
  15. NICE! /me waits for Phalanx xP
  16. Lol. The websites a bit broken. Tried to get an image in full-screen and it popped up with a totally different image Yeah, suprised at the amount of new info retrieved from the PC section.
  17. meh... I cant believe you all has your own guns. make meh feel unsafe. anyway. i r haz meh own gunzors. tehy're teh best. not exactly like mine. mine is a pistol that can turn into an mp5 beat that!
  18. @JAB Sooooo great! I'm recently working on a CLEO Trainer for San Andreas I can say it'll be nearly as good as the usual .exe trainers with a few more and a few less features. The only other trainer I've seen uses nothing but hotkeys (Which can get confusing) and doesn't have as many features as I'd liked. And the death of my GTASA Console made me want to make this even more perfect Enuf bragging... Anyway, your first mission release helped me alot. I feel alot more confident about creating missions after reading it. Especially since I know now how much like normal threads they are... Hopefully there will be more missions being created. I actually cant seem to find many that aren't in a total conversion
  19. Btw, heard IE8 is out. Hopefully they've improved the security and CSS issues
  20. MAKE SURE that sas4 is in the right folder. This question is asked so many times and the answer with the installation instructions if I recall correctly.. All the files should be in a folder called 'SanAnStudios4' inside your installation folder. Apart from your exe which can be put in your installation folder.
  21. Maybe some sort of GTA IV/Splinter Cell Choice system will be implemented in the missions but it'd be a hella lot of coding to do it on the random
  22. I wanted to bring this up because it annoyed me for ages before I found the problem. Even if Youtube videos are fully buffered, the video will stop after a few seconds of playing! Many people believe this is due to a Youtube bug, an Adobe bug or even a bug with using a PC instead of a MAC. So, to spread some truth on the subject I explored the Firefox forums and yes, it seems that this is a Firefox bug that occurs sometimes. It is true that it may occur on other browsers. But according to someone who works in the Firefox team, it is 100% Firefox related. The cures to this are clearing all browsing history, cookies, cache ect. and restarting Firefox. Or, restarting your PC completely. But sometimes you will still have to wait a few days... Random. You could also update your Flash player but that'll probably not work... But if you're lucky then all you have to do is use another browser. So, just in case anyone has been expiriencing the problem... I thought I'd make a topic explaning before questions started flying around. Also, I'd hope that someone could find an easy, fool-proof way to get this to work 100% of the time. Love the complaining about Adobe even though it was nothing to do with them
  23. Meh... Google is helpfun on this one... http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Kb3jMJA3GMc&...feature=related That's just SOME of the things you can do with the OLD version
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