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  1. This mod will come have a version that comes as a mission pack so you wont have to mess around with saves and main.scm's And... What own police car mods?
  2. Sorry for lack of updates but I hate triple posting Just lettin you all know that it's still being made and the second BETA is nearly ready. I've added the abillity to go to the Doughnut Store and pig out. You also get to sit and let the waiter serve you your food. Instead of the old San Andreas system of eating it at the counter Bugs have been fixed. Performance has been improved (Anyone should be able to play it now) and things are being added. Still gotta fix the bug where you can only place a stinger once unless it hits something... Video will be coming. Then I'll start work on the main.scm conversion version of the mod. Which includes a whole new game to play within San Andreas. No map edits. Since the San Andreas map is great anyway
  3. according to the urban dictionary i am... I dont do drugs :\
  4. wow... talk about picky. That computers better than any I've seen irl. It'll all be fine. Can't believe how picky people are about everything these days. Video quality, PC Speed, audio quality... Jeez.
  5. Nice find... I found that there's a way to get infinite of every weapon during missions that give you loads of ammo.
  6. Nevermind. Just deleted some restore points and lowered the virtual ram. Call of Duty still didn't install right though
  7. Sorry for double post... I've just checked it out and there is no way to get this to work with CLEO. You'd have to find a stream that runs as an .mp3 file which is inexistant. They all usually are .m3u files or something. Trying to play any other files or pretending they are mp3 files to fool CLEO won't work either. It just makes the game crash. So unless there is a way you can do this by using the user track folder... This is impossible. Maybe when CLEO has the abillity to play other files... Then I'll be able to do something.
  8. You can play MP3's with CLEO so you should be able to play shortcuts to them.
  9. ^ True < Doesn't know why he posts here \/ Also doesn't know why he/she posts here...
  10. Macaffe is annoying anyway Had it and it said every single site I went on was a threat and interrupted every link with a warning.
  11. Well somehow I've filled up alot of space all of a sudden. And need that extra few mb's to test out some things... Any idea on how to delete audio of other languages from your San Andreas installation? I've heard files from each sfx archive and none of them are spanish... Which is the only other audio language I have in my installation. Probably only save up half a gig... But still, I need the space temporarily. I probably sound soo weird... But hey, I've only a lil 80GB HD to store all my stuff on...
  12. Corrected the good spelling with Sony's spelling of the word Blue... Oops.. I mean 'Blu' xD Blu sounds totally ridiculous if you say it how it's spelt...
  13. If place a shortcut to the MP3 stream and place it in your User Tracks folder... It might play... But then again, I don't know if SA will follow links like it follows shortcuts to things in your computer. Try it out and tell me the results
  14. Great! Just in time for me to do some good missions in the Vigilante Justice mod! Thanks.
  15. What's the splinter cell font and where can I get it? Btw, TGTAP... The layout of this topic posting thing is all askew...
  16. 986: Try and have fun...
  17. Yea, bet they delayed it so they could release it later when they have won all their awards... Makes the game have a bigger release. Might even find the annoying awards printed on the cover
  18. ^ Looks confused. < Is wondering if he makes 100th page \/ Might make 100th page.
  19. Since I linked to it saying it didn't work.. It obviously won't work this time
  20. Meh... Turned into a blue-ray topic. Strange
  21. Palin is crazy... She's crazy!! She's just so.... Crazy!
  22. Not the end of the world really. I'm sure people will just be playing it to 100% anyway so they are prepared to get the DLC
  23. Well I've had 4 bottles of alcohol... Pretty good so far But my typing is still as accurate as before. That says only one thing... I spend too much time with the PC
  24. lolno Also he stole the beat of the song from Bruce Hornsby's "That's Just the Way it is" And? He sings those words anyway... How does that make it not a good song?
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