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  1. Nessie is a loch ness monster... Which is a stupid myth as the game is set in america, not scotland.
  2. The Shark is fake. It cannot be found in San Andreas anywhere. The data files inside gta3.img are left off from Vice City where there was a Shark. The data files are in San Andreas but the Shark will not spawn without a mod. Here's a simple guide (well, it was but I write websites alot so I picked up a habbit of blabbering on with detail) to the myths. Want proof on a specific one? Just ask Aliens = Fake Bigfoot = Fake Blue Hell = True, not really a myth though. The lack off ceiling in the gym is either a glitch or an easter egg of sorts. Bodybags = True. These are found near your Abandoned Airport next to a "Ghost Truck". These are an easter egg which is part of "The introduction" by Rockstar Games where 2 guys are seen burrying someone in the exact spot. Epsilom = Some theories are true (external sites and phone numbers) and some are false. Rockstar have never denied this myth unlike the others. It's said that doing something to do with epsilom unlocks a secret place called Puerto Amarilla Valley. Ghosts = Fake Ghost Cars = Real. They're not really self-driving. It's just an inconviniently placed vehicle that rolls down a hill. Cars are found battered and believed to be ghost cars. Ghost Grafiti = Aparently Real, although I've never seen it myself. Aparently there is Grafiti in the cemetary that dissapears sometimes. That's it... Not very ghost like but oh well... Ghost Planes = Real, planes fall from the sky and "crash land". This is simply a bug in the game that Rockstar thought was cool, so they kept it in (so they say, I reckon they couldn't fix it ). Ghost Town = Real. Just a part of the map that you can access through game errors. Geeze, so many Ghost myths. Horses = Fake. These are referenced in a story about Las Barrancas on the Rockstar Website but there is no evidence of horses actually in game. Leatherface = Fake Nessie = Fake Piggsy = Fake Suicidal Photographer = True. It's a ped that is taking photos and then walks off into a watery grave. Proberbly a glitch. The Birds = This is just a pattern that is on some textures. Similarities between each one are coincidental. They do not point to anything. UFO's = Fake, any UFO pictures are either mods or the spinning thing outside lil probe in. The UFO Map This is real. There's know way of saying that it is definately a UFO map besides from the fact it is in Lil Probe Inn which is filled with UFO pictures and has a spinning UFO outside of it. This map has been accurately pinpointed and their locations have been visited... But nothing was found. There is no evidence whatsoever to say that this map means something and I don't think Rockstar intended it to. Unless they were using it as a teaser, course. The Rusty Wheelchair This thing drove everyone mad with excitement. It's found at the end of a pier. This thing was believed to reference the Texas Chainsaw Massacre although it is aparently the exact wheelchair found in the Rockstar Game, Manhunt. In Palomino Creek you can hear people talking to each other about the wheelchair: "Have you seen this disabled person chair moving?" "No, have you?" "Neither have I, bye-bye!" There are numbers and a "Skip Hire" mesage on the wheels. Although people believe the numbers to be a time that gives a clue of an event in San Andreas, I reckon it is just the texture from the Skip models in San Andreas, with the number being the phone number that is on the Skip. The Trenchcoat Guy Not much to this either. This is a guy who walks around the Desert towns and he randomly says stuff refering to aliens. If you harrass him too much he will attack you and shout out random things to do with aliens. Aliens do not exist. There are many other, not so popular myths that are all usually fake. Such as earthquakes, volcano's, murderers.. Actually that last one might be true considering it's GTA n all.. The Chainsaw Sound People say they hear the sound of a chainsaw in the woods sometimes (supposed evidence towards Leatherface). Of the stories I've read, though... I personally believe that it is the sound of a Sanchez. Most of their stories say "I got off my dirtbike and heard this chainsaw noise". Hmm... Chainsaw noise = dirtbike? Or maybe the sound of a automatic gun in the distance? The Secret Markers The not so secret markers are enex markers often found in the sky. Why? Because interiors are in the sky in San Andreas so that they don't use up map space. They can't be below San Andreas as when you go far enough down you are teleported. Hence R* put em in the sky and the markers to get back to the real world are often found there. Also, markers that somehow up there that lead to interiors usually lead to places you can access in game. As well as cutscene locations and unused interiors. The ones that don't do anything are test markers. Proof behind these decisions? Out of the thousands of players to search for myths, none have found the ones that are said to be fake. The ones that are fake can be proven since modders can unlock just about every single aspect of the game to see and nothing has been found. The ones that are true, people have actually seen, can do and took real pictures of. The screenshots containing myths are mostly photo edited. The classical "I was flying in my car around Area69 and then I saw a UFO." will simply be either a lie or they have just seen a helicopter or plane. They come after you if you go to Area69, yet cannot get close to you because of the speed of a flying car. Did I mention all the photo-edited pictures? Rockstar have confirmed some of these myths to be false. My favourite Myth is Epsilom. There are so many clues of stuff to do with it including Rockstars Epsilom website and the San Andreas trailer. The only doubt about it is that no more clues are being found and there is nothing coded in the game to do anything when the character is on a bridge, at a certain time, with a certain car, with certain clothes, after doing a certain thing and having lead a certain "lifestyle"... So tbh... All the true myths are boring anyway. I used to love believing in these though. Kinda broke my heart when I found out that they definately don't exist... All those years, y'know?
  3. I've been missing him for a long time.. But now I miss him more
  4. Yes. The features are on the download page. It can edit stats and game data including the weather, time and you can even view cutscenes. Basically it does nearly everything you could want it to.
  5. UCT 0.8 BETA It's finally here! Download here (with information) - Updated New Features: Spawn Peds + View Model Name/No. Cutscene Viewing (+ bugfixes) Plugin Compatibility. Tons more new abillities. Machinima Keys (Not working this version) And much more. Comments, questions, statements. You know what to do
  6. Explain your statement. Don't think homo is a describing word... :/
  7. Huh? There are two ways you could do this. The simple one is to edit the main.scm file so that it uses a different car... But this involves starting a whole new game. OR You should be able to simply change the name of a cars dff and txd file (such as the cheetah) to the name of the hotring racer and the hotring racer to the cheetah... Meaning that instead of hotring racers you have cheetahs... And instead of cheetahs you have hotring racers. Which can be annoying anyway... Also, if you wanted the handling changed you'd have to swap the values in the data files too. Either way is annoying though...
  8. Hey, they're the three things people talk about all the time in real life anyway, right? Especially guys. What's wrong with rapping about it? Also, a homie is someone you grew up with or that is close to you... Doesn't mean you have to be in the ghetto You telling me you never talk about your car or other peoples cars and you don't talk about money issues or finding a good girlfriend ever? I find that hard to believe. It's not about it being cool, it's about the fact it's difficult living there. It's something that people who live in the ghetto can usually get more than people who haven't. It's nothing cool, it's the complete opposite which is why they rap about it. If you listen to most of the lyrics they always say how fucked up it is growing up there. You would care about the Ghetto if you lived there.
  9. Oh, so this isn't another way to say he got an STI? Really? What does she keep up there? Lol. Okay... Jokes over
  10. Hip Hop isn't declining in quality or going "dead" it's just going underground. I can still get absolutely great tracks but it takes a little searching around the music stores. You can even get oldskool still being made on Myspace, but it's rare these days when it comes to commercial.
  11. Nice to hear the story is gonna be great, this is like what I'm trying to do with my Vigilante mod I'm into making storylines and following good ones so this should be interesting
  12. Deji


    If they say that this is gonna be as big as GTA, it certainly is. They've known how to please us with GTA for years and they have never actually said a single GTA game was going to have a big impact before. So if they did all that without believing how good it was gonna be, I'm sure they can make something 10x better when they say it is gonna be good. Might have to set up a website for this, eh?
  13. Don't you mean GTA London 1961 can be DL'ed for free? BTW, where can I find GTA London 1969 to buy for the PC? gta london is sucks gta iv is Isn't there a rule against "morons" posting? Or at least the old "If you aint got nothin good to say, say nothin."...? I wish GTA London 1969 was available free... I don't get why not really since GTA 2 is. I had it on PS1 and it was really fun. I just wanted the abillity to make missions for it
  14. Are you gonna go right up to the end mission where you have to drive away from CJ and Sweet in a firetruck? That'd be pretty cool and fun to remake.
  15. Make sure you have CLEO Library installed and you have a 1.0 version of the game Note to everyone: This mod is back on track and being worked on once again! I'll be releasing some footage soon... EDIT/UPDATE: I've made the first post alot more brief and added a description of the storyline to make it more exciting
  16. Exactly what I'm trying to say with the exception that I figure Rockstar might want to spend some time researching and speculating the market and new technology before they jump straight in with another project. I reckon it won't come immediately, just like what's happened with all the rest of the GTA's so far... There's always been at least a few months wait. I could imagine how they'd feel if they figured out something that would make the game great after they'd already finished it half way So I reckon, whatever the answer is, it's a matter of time to find out. Anyway, as I posted earlier... Rockstar ARE making exclusives for the PS3. That doesn't neccessarily mean DLC's for GTA IV. I think this rumor occured from that fact and how eager PS3 owners are to have their share of exclusives from Rockstar. Like it matters anyway. Having both consoles is the only way to win. Also, if Agent is as good as Rockstar says it's gonna be and I heard they're saying it'll top GTA as their new frenchise... I don't think we should worry about Rockstar making the next GTA instead of making some PS3 DLC's... Since they already have their hands full if they wanna make this game great. It's pretty exciting to me tbh... Someone should make a topic on Agent but I'm too tired atm since it's 10:28 AM and I didn't sleep...
  17. Seriously? Sony is everywhere. They even sell bateries. You probably have at least 5 things in your house made by sony... The only reason Microsoft makes more is the price they put their products at... Which is not as good in value as sony items. And why does everyone think that this would mean they'd stop making exclusives for the Xbox aswell? Can't they have 2 different exclusives that go to different companies? As I said, it all depends on the contract. If Microsoft said that they couldn't offer other exclusives to other companies than theirs on the contract, fair enough. But besides from that I don't think there is anything stopping Rockstar from doing this.
  18. Deji

    Motion Sensitive GTA?

    I don't hate it. I've just heard that sales were really low and hardly anyone liked it... Hence "Failed". I've not played it myself to judge. I liked the previous 2D GTA games anyway. I also thought it was strange that they randomly decided to release a GTA on a barely used console in what might as well be 2D after all these years... And yeah, I didn't think the DS would make much sense for a game like GTA either but I was suprised by that turnout too.
  19. Deji

    Motion Sensitive GTA?

    Guess that's a good point... Yet I didn't expect a GTA game where you could use a touch-sensitive pen either... Anyway, with the really exciting 'Agent' frenchise coming up... I get the idea that Rockstar are going to end up releasing something with this new technology. Everything seems to be taking a new step now... Fully motion sensitive games, the Agent game which plans to exceed how big GTA was and GTA... Well, I'm just wondering whether Rockstar are going to continue GTA...
  20. Yes... 50 mill which they can add more to if they simply do some additional (different) DLC's for the PS3 as well... And I'm sure after the velocity of this game they will be waiting a while for the next GTA. They'd probably want to keep watch of all the other games and consoles being released and new technology being discovered. EDIT: While researching for TBOGT stuff, I found this: http://www.edge-online.com/news/%E2%80%9Ce...D-says-take-two I'm constantly getting updates from RSS feeds and mailing lists about this type of stuff so I'll post more info if I get it first For now I'll be posting the title 'Agent' on my website. Really looking forward to this as it sounds really exciting The title makes sense!! Btw, it's not a DLC
  21. This'd be pretty cool and I'm more active these days too. Really wanna be a coding "expert" lol.
  22. Hey, I think this is legit. Microsoft payed how ever much to have exclusive content, yes. But who's to say there aint any other exclusive content? Who's to say that this means Sony doesn't get anything either? Who knows? We'd have to see the contract to be completely certain
  23. I've been researching this for my site which has just gone up and I have to say that it looks juicy. It ADDS things to your current game (like expansion packs) instead of just making a new seperate game of it. There's new weapons, 23 additional missions, more music that gets added to your game, achievements, cheats, vehicles ect. Tbh. though... It'd be best to wait for ALL DLC's to come out and then get them all at once. It'd probably be cheaper and it's better to get something big after a while than lot's of little things Malc is a cool name
  24. Due to the latest release of the motion sensitive Xbox360 controlly thing which I'm sure most of you have heard of (info in my sig if you haven't)... I'm wondering if Rockstar will find this a nice addition to future GTA games... I could imagine having to punch at the screen to beat your enemies n stuff. I know we speculated this for the Wii but never actually thought much of it but considering their failure with Chinatown wars... A FULLY motion sensitive game would be great! You could shoot people with just literally your fingers and yeah... It would definately make me like GTA again So... Considering their bond with microsoft and their strange decision of making a GTA on the DS... Will they go for the jackpot and make one of the best, first games for this new creation?
  25. Deji

    Why Wait?

    Haven't you seen all the mods for GTA? All the brilliant models, cool extra animations, coding mods and just about anyone can mod the data files. I'm pretty sure if someone knew how to make a game engine (there's actually loads given away for free) then we could build one from scratch... Can't be assed though. Plus, if it was too like GTA then we'd be sued so there's no point really... We should just continue making full conversions if you ask me
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