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  1. Wow, people on the internet know my birthday Thanks, Wii is fun
  2. Kid needs special attention. But cant go to jail! He's not old enough
  3. I just got a Wii today And I'd say that from the looks of it, this thing is getting used every day. Anyway, I always wondered what I'd choose if it were between a 360 or PS3. I love the Playstations and have played every single version so far... But I have a PS2 so I dont really know if I'd want another thing to play the same type of games. So 360 was my decision. But then I heard about the fact it sucks when it comes to features. It has soo little of what the PS3 has. It also has hardware problems and has a really annoying fan which is bad if I wanted to play on my small TV trying not to wake up my bro and sis since I couldn't have the TV too loud. Also, the 360 needs paid internet which is a steaming pile of crap! With the PS I can simply plug in the LAN cable for my existing internet service and play. But with the 360 they insist on you paying double for your internet just for the privellige of having it on your console. And I dont think I'd ever be able to afford that. Also, this video kinda made me really switch. Tell me what you think and what is not right with the video so I can better decide what I'd get if I had the choice...
  4. You're a very patient guy!
  5. Happy downloading... Legally of course.
  6. I thought Blue Ray worked on newer DVD players as well? And I thought PS3's could play normal DVD's too...
  7. I just don't get it! What's so special about 2009 that they have to release LOADS of things in that same year!? Is there some sort of special awards thing at the end of the year!? Just a few random picks of films I've heard about over the last 2 years... That's right, two years! That's how long they've been announcing 2009 releases for... Toy Story 3-D - I never expected it... Ice Age 3 - Dinosaurs came AFTER the Ice Age!? Splinter Cell - Yup, aparenlty they're making a movie. Youtube search it. Final Destination 4 - Only horror I'd ever watch were Final Destinations... Still think 4 will be pushin it though Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - New it was comin sometime... But why not this year? Prince Of Persia - Another Game > Film thing. I don't know if it'd look good without being animated though... Ace Ventura 3 - How long has it been? Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder - Yay! But... Can't it come out in the next month like the other 3 did? Fast & Furious - Didn't they already make this? That's just the films I MAY watch... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:2009_films They don't have some of the films I've listed and heard of... But when has Wikipedia ever been that up to date? It's not the amount of 2009 releases I'm suprised about. It's the fact that thes could've been made THIS year since most of them have been up since early 2007, yet if you click on next year, you won't find many films at all... As well as the fact there are so many promising movies. It'll be a busy day erm... Buying these. These are just the announced releases too. There should be many more unnanounced films EDIT: Actually, seems Prince of Persia was delayed
  8. Garhh.... Make the width smaller. It's annoying that it's about 5 pixels too wide I hate bottom scrollbars. I view on a flatscreen monitor with 1024x768... Dunno what sort of space computers you use but it's TOO WIDE for my screen. Nice that the website's chaning, I guess.
  9. I'm still having problems with installing this friggen game. All I want is the multiplayer too! When I install i have a "-1610 configuration data for this product is corrupt. Contact your support personnel." error. Which I googled and found a hopeful answer to here: http://discussions.virtualdr.com/showthread.php?t=195447 But the problem is, when I check the version of Call of Duty's install thing, it says which going by the guide would mean I download version 12 from here: http://consumerdocs.installshield.com/self...8&sliceId=1 But as you can see... There is not version 12... I tried with version 11 and it didn't work. Any suggestions? At least from the amount of times I've tried, I nearly know my serial of by heart now!
  10. Try goin to some places around Manchester Just watch your back
  11. So you're saying we should negotiate with Al-Qaeda? No. Blowing yourself up and killing innocent people in the name of religion is unacceptable and un-negotiable behavior. What I was trying to get through is the fact that not all terrorists are just doing what they do because they like it... They're doing it because they believe in it or are rebelling against something usually. And I wouldn't say that they are to blame so much if it's for their religion. Lot's of religions have stupid things about them, just at a lesser degree... I'd blame the ones who are spreading the religion and saying that they must do it, instead of the actual terrorists themselves. Not all the time, but you have to look at the bigger picture. I don't think they'd kill themselves if it wasn't for a good reason. I've never heard of any other type of suicide that wasn't for a reason... Basically, Religion can be dangerous. Especially when it is being told by unreliable sources... Religion has always been this way. I'm sure the terrorists think that by suicide bombing, they go to heaven and get everything they'd ever dreamed of or something...
  12. unless the key actually unlocks something... I wouldn't really care about getting it. I'd rather play slowly and enjoy the game
  13. Keep it up! I'd recommend improving the editing
  14. Such a good, famous song Original: Changes - Tupac Remix: Changes Remix - DMX
  15. "One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter"
  16. GTASA Console is better. It comes with teleport function and preset coords so you can teleport to each oyster, horseshoe, tag ect...
  17. My mind isn't an index when it comes to this I just drive into random things
  18. Yea I may when I can really be bothered... But for now I think I'm doin alright... The bottom one = the players height above the ground. P.S: My email is on my profile.
  19. Well actually it has alot to do with every country. America is powerful and the election could've meant alliences being dropped resulting in less recources for some countries and even war... So it could effect you in alot of ways Just making my only serious lines of my life.
  20. No, I'm not aborting any of my other mods. But I like to take a brake and I consider small stuff like this to be enough of a break I wanted to make some sort of trainer but since I don't have the neccessary skills, I thought I'd make something like it with CLEO. So, I have decided to make a CLEO mod that will give you information in game for modders. It will give you a table with coordinates, active interior #, car model, current player model ect. This is designed to help CLEO or scm modders (or data handlers) such as myself to get quick information about the game and will help you get accurate details so that you can add stuff to your mod. For example, if you wanted the coordinates for your car to be parked in. I think, the coordinates differ from where the actors position is in the car. So it's harder to get an accurate park. This mod will not only tell you the actors position, but the position of the car that you are in. Meaning all you do is park your car exactly how you want it, and let the mod tell you the right coords for the position. Another, better example is interiors. It was always hard to get the right interior number and coords Some sites even give incorrect values due to there being replicated interiors. But, with the handiness of this script... You can get the right interior number and coords of the interior you are in. This also tells you model names/numbers and much more! Ideas for this are appreciated, the ideas I currently have are listed here: - Coords - Car coords - Player model name/number - Car model name/number - Interior coords/number - Zone name - Model name/number of the person you're aiming at. - Current weapon model/ammo/group
  21. Wow I'm surprised no one took up this post. I honestly hope you don't believe MOST people that didn't vote for him were racist. Yeah, I'm sure a handful did, but its not all about race. And biased? What? I'm sure many BLACKS voted for him just because he's half. Never said I believed it...
  22. Wow! Who? I'm not that good at design. I can make a website but I lack imagination when it comes to making a good design/template. Btw, if anyones got any good designs, hit me up!
  23. Yea, it's better than IV in alot of ways... It's definately the game you should check out first! This game is what made the hype about GTA IV occur. It's a revolution in the gaming world BEST GAME EVER!
  24. Deji


    Either use IMG tool or use the easier SAMI (San Andreas Mod Installer) but SAMI will only work on certain types of mods. There's loads of topics for this so look around.
  25. SUPRISE! BETA TIME! -=Vigilante Justice Mod 0.1 BETA=- Most of the information is in the README file and is too much to paste here. Please report any bugs so I can fix them and add more features. If you don't report the bugs you find, then there is a smaller chance of me being able to make a better version. So report em! Okay, enjoy. I'm gonna... Direct Download Download Page (Information)
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