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  1. Hi, I would like to be affiliated to The GTA Place. I have a website with a GTA section, and I am currently receiving about 100-ish daily unique visitors on my network. I've only just launched the site about a few days ago. However, the GTA section was moved from my previous blog, previously hosted at blog.gtahq.net. On that site, I was getting about 500-1000 daily unique visitors then depending on volume of news about the GTA games. Since I have moved my domain, I have lost quite a chunk of my readership, but I hope to gain it back pretty soon as people learn about the site. Also, as I am nearing official launch soon as I roll out more content, I'd like to be affiliated to several GTA sites, including The GTA Place. Here are the details of my site: Website Name: The 7th Zone's GTA HQ Website URL: http://gta.7thzone.net Website Banner (88x31):
  2. Nothing much to say, just click here for the screenshot (scroll down to the last screen. That's the one): http://blog.gtahq.net/2008/04/11/grand-the...al-site-update/
  3. Well, even if my parents opposed I would still play GTA. I'm 15 this year, and it's clear that GTA made me mature. My love and passion for this series of games isn't going to die off just because my Mom or Dad has been influenced by Jack Thompson innies. Nope. Why would you care about what your parents think? Millions of people who play and love the game to death can't be wrong. It's just rather lucky of you to have convinced your parents that Grand Theft Auto is a great video game. Besides, GTA transcends gaming. No GTA, no Halo. No WoW. No more nice games like Far Cry, BioShock or Crysis. To hell with those who says GTA is sh*tty. Just because the first mission of San Andreas is too "hard" for them to complete, they trash the games. I feel sad for these kids.
  4. No, they all came with the MySpace themes.
  5. This would make your day then: http://gtahq.multiplayernetwork.net/news/454/
  6. right now can't wait Hey, can you send me the scans? Here's my Contact Page: http://blog.gtahq.net/index.php/contact/ There has been some images that can't load. I intend to post this on my fansite, I will credit you for it. Also, if you do want to become part of the team on my website, you can contact me too. I CAN'T SIGN UP ON YOUR SITE MAN* Hey, accept me on MEssenger so I can talk to you over IM.
  7. right now can't wait Hey, can you send me the scans? Here's my Contact Page: http://blog.gtahq.net/index.php/contact/ There has been some images that can't load. I intend to post this on my fansite, I will credit you for it. Also, if you do want to become part of the team on my website, you can contact me too.
  8. Check out the news here: http://doiop.com/igngta43sc GTA IV will run at a constant framerate (30 FPS), it seems. Be sure to comment and bookmark the link. Cheers!
  9. The $26 share will go up a good bit when GTA IV is released, so they'll have to fork out more in the future. I just found something even more disturbing. http://www.gamesindustry.biz/content_page.php?aid=33521 Says that if EA acquires TT, then they can make the new GTA games without Rockstar. No, but the whole Rockstar Games + all its studios can break off from Take 2 if they really gets sold to EA. So by 2009, when R*'s contract with T2 ends, they can quit and create GTA V without stupid EA.
  10. Yes, it's great. It's always a wonder why people always quote GTA4.net or GTAForums as their sources. Is GTANet really faster at providing GTA news? I don't think so. Let's jsut take the past few weeks for example. I don't think they've kept the page really updated, as compared to here at TGTAP, GTA4HQ or GTAGaming/
  11. Only that? One thing? IT's something they could actually do in San Andreas if time had permitted. Have you forgotten about the Music, Storyline, Freedom, Technology, Humor, Graphics, City Atmosphere and amamzing Euphoria Physics?
  12. For your case, I hope that doesn't happen. lol I havent found driving to be a problem. I'm a big fan of driving / racing games. I've found it fun driving around GTA maps in past games, but I know what your saying about it being fun - it can be, but there is something missing most of the time, I dont know what, probably a bit of realism - but its been very good for so far for what they've had to work with. In GTA 4 I'm hoping for some more realism - feeling of speed, difficulty in different cars, which has been mentioned is happening in IV. As long as the cars have a few more different noises, and just feel a bit more realisitc to drive then I'll be happy. And there will be smarter peds too, which won't cause random pile-ups anymore
  13. Since when does "brought to life" mean "originated"??? Since originated means "began" and brought to life means "started". "brought to life" doesn't neccessarily mean "started". You just assumed that's what he meant by that. He most likely meant that it got a lot more popular after it came out on the PSOne. Rockstar signed a deal with Sony at the time of GTAIII to get it PS Exclusive, and now Rockstar signed a (even bigger) deal with Microsoft to get just the downloadable episodic content. And, to add to it, even though Microsoft paid US$50 Million for this, GTA IV is still going to be released for the PS3. What does this mean? That the Playstation is getting it better, because many people think that GTA is a PS franchise. That means, a lot of people will get a PS3 for GTAIV, not an Xbox 360, and if they don't release a Playstation version, they will lose many potential customers. Everybody talks of it as if the Playstation is Grand Theft Auto's "roots". The Playstation, at the time, even without a deal, could be the only console to support GTA III. Remember, there wasn't an Xbox yet at the time, and a gaming PC is still something that not everybody owns (unlike today). Grand Theft Auto is a video game that has moved about - PC to PS2 to Xbox 360. Live with it, Rockstar Games has already made it easier for you guys by releasing Grand Theft Auto IV for the PS3, so that y'all don't waste all the money you pumped into your PS3. And you guys still want the Downloadable Content? You really think Microsoft would pay 50 Million USD for Rockstar Games to delevop those two downloadable episodic content if it were to be released for the PS3 later? Don't be stupid. Yes, I agree that the PS3 is a more capable system, but it seems that Microsoft is better at business and you can't force things your way.
  14. They said PS3 will get the downloadable content (and Multiplayer) too, means something like missions or Multiplayer maps. But there will be two GTA IV episodes (think Half-Life 2 episodes) that the Xbox 360 will recieve exclusively. They might be tie-in stories (like Vice City and San Andreas) or direct sequels.
  15. None of the Grand Theft Auto games are banned in Singapore, but you still can't find them because New Era has refused to distrubute them here. You still can, however, order through Amazon or from the Rockstar Warehouse, which sends worldwide. I stay in Singapore and I own every single GTA title, so I don't see why you can't do it too.
  16. The rating icon is too big. You should use the smaller, compact one. It covers the artwork way too much .
  17. Like... resizing an big image to fit on the PSP's small screen? But it would make the textures and models more pixelated, won't it?
  18. So? If you're a true GTA fan, nothing else matters, really.
  19. For sure! Getting a HDTV for Grand Theft Auto IV! How great is that? I don't have the paper now as of yet. But of course, after I've got an Xbox 360, Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition and Xbox LIVE / Games for Windows - LIVE gold membership, a HDTV to go with them is great.
  20. I'm in school right now so I don't have San Andreas on me, but when I get home I'll show you why that's not true. Edit: Vice City was 1.6 GB? Almost all of it is music, I can guarentee it. Vice City's whole audio folder is 1.01GB
  21. What the fuck guys? I happen to hate Vista but I do like the look of it. Note to OP: Nice tutorial, although I've tried multiple ways to skinning it. To emulate Vista, WindowBlinds is the best way. Because with all the programs you have to run if you're not running WindowBlinds (ViStart, ViOrb, TrueTransparency, etc...) it's just more efficient to run WindowBlinds. Exactly. WindowBlinds with Vista Transformation Pack and Vista Sidebar installed is the closest look you can get that's Vista-ish.
  22. As Take 2 said previously, they could not safely narrow down the release date to a specific date, because they're not confident that they can yet meet a certain deadline. I would rather hope that the release date doesn't get released yet, rather than Rockstar delaying the game again.
  23. Mine is a Banshee or Infernus. Sentinel XS isn't a good choice.
  24. Some people haven't got money for Vista. I know lots of people who haven't got money for Vista but they want the features of Vista.
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