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  1. secret

    Next Island

    But i have a paramedic mission from Ray, must that to?
  2. secret

    PS3 or XBOX360

    Xbox 360, the games are better.
  3. secret

    Favourite Vehicle(s)

    Favorite 4-Door Car: Sentinel XS Favorite Sports Car: Banshee Favorite Bike: Biker angel Favorite Police Vehicle: Nothing, stuppid police dogs. Favorite 2 Door: Infernus Favorite Aircraft: chopperssss
  4. secret

    Favorite Gang and Gang Car

    Vance mafia and gang rancher is the best car.
  5. secret

    Favourite VCS outfit

    Army outfit is my favourite.
  6. secret

    Favorite Radio Station

    rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrradio Espantono.
  7. secret

    Favorite Vehicle(s)

    Favorite 4-Door Car: Leone Sentinel Favorite Sports Car: Banshee Favorite Bike: blablabla: 600 Favorite Police Vehicle: Noting, the police are punks. Favorite 2 Door Vehicle: Yakuza Stinger Favorite Boat: Speeder
  8. secret

    Your fav mission?

    The last mission is the best mission...
  9. secret

    your least favorite mission

    Taking the Peace is a fuck mission, in three times passed.
  10. secret

    Do you have a classic?

    Yeah GTA 1 and Londen from Bol.com
  11. secret

    Best GTA... Old Skool

    Well Londen is the best, nice city and all.
  12. secret

    Favourite Las Venturas District

    The Strip is the best place from all.
  13. secret

    Favourite San Fierro District

    I think the garage..