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  1. But i have a paramedic mission from Ray, must that to?
  2. Xbox 360, the games are better.
  3. Favorite 4-Door Car: Sentinel XS Favorite Sports Car: Banshee Favorite Bike: Biker angel Favorite Police Vehicle: Nothing, stuppid police dogs. Favorite 2 Door: Infernus Favorite Aircraft: chopperssss
  4. Vance mafia and gang rancher is the best car.
  5. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrradio Espantono.
  6. Favorite 4-Door Car: Leone Sentinel Favorite Sports Car: Banshee Favorite Bike: blablabla: 600 Favorite Police Vehicle: Noting, the police are punks. Favorite 2 Door Vehicle: Yakuza Stinger Favorite Boat: Speeder
  7. The last mission is the best mission...
  8. Taking the Peace is a fuck mission, in three times passed.
  9. Yeah GTA 1 and Londen from Bol.com
  10. Well Londen is the best, nice city and all.
  11. The Grove is the best place, there live my homies.
  12. Flash FM, the order radio stations is nothing.
  13. The Mafia Sentinel, in GTA LCS is it a Leone Sentinel in GTA 3 not.
  14. Liberty City is bigger, because that have 3 islands. Vice City have 2 islands.
  15. Thank you! But i have Asuka Kasen and Ray blabla missions on the map, must that to?
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