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  1. My cousin came here, she watched Cartoon Network while i was on the pc, and i think this is what one of the character in that picture said:
    Man that is uuuuuuuglyyy.With a capital..................... letter.

    Го рече во Англиски? или Македонски :awesome:

  2. Everyone we have a new member trickstar34

    he is the only one from GTAF that has regged here, thanks to me. He's really nice, and he's sick of GTAG and GTAF's spammers. So I brought him to

    the best place in the world. Be nice to him. Try to guess his age

  3. They will return probably. Maybe with something new? I wouldn't know really, I don't even care about GTAForums. Since you've been banned there for some time (macorules94) you should be happy they're gone.

    They gave me a second chance. lol

    If GTAForums will end, which gta site will be the next biggest forum? (I hope it will be TGTAP :awesome: )

    It'll be GTAGaming

    So many new people there in the last day

  4. I've come across funny quotes alot, around the internet. Here are some

    Why is it called the Xbox 360? Because when you see it, you turn 360 degrees and go back

    No Dipshit its 180. If you did a 360 you'd be right back where you started

    This ones from GTAF when I was asking where to find a Tug, in GTA IV:

    may i ask y ur looking for a tug

    Didn't you hear? Ratman, Lola and the Sprunk factory ghost are taking a cruise around the waters of Liberty City in their boat - The HMS Fingerless.

    post yours

  5. Your Bulgarian?


    Хаха, аз не съм Българин, но знам малко да говоря

    Тук няма Българи, не мисля. Има 2-3 Македонци (мене) но, не знам дали ще го даунлодат

    Тука: http://www.gtaforums.com има Българи, и повече хора

  6. Hell no never going there. Seems like a pretty shitty place to me. People seem to be way over the top with patriotism, always arguing over bullshit historical stuff like Alexander the Great, Macedonian language, the Greeks etc. Such a tiny country making such a big fuss about shit nobody cares about anymore. Move with the times.


    It's shit, because we aren't in the European Union or in NATO.

    So, we are trying to get in it, but Greece won't let us, because "Macedonia is Greek". Thats why we go on and on about how it isnt, so we can

    get into the EU Union and NATO to make it a better country.

    And the people In Macedonia don't actually go on about all that stuff. They don't really care. Coz it's nothing to go on about it, to other people going on about

    it. It's just the Macedonians in Australia, and elsewhere in the world.

    And then there are people like you, that say it's shit, and then say we're all patriotism-ish. When we're only doing it, so Greece can grow a pear, and we can

    get into the EU Union and NATO, to make it a better fucking country lol :D :D

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