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  1. Well, in Perth, all the Macedonians are friends with Macedonians and when they go to Macedonian parties, or church for special occasions, they hang around with eachother. But I don't really know that much Macedonians that are my age, coz they all go to schools with tonns of Macedonians and shit and I go to a private school with like 1. There are like no Macedonians in Perth that are 15, well there are, and I know em but i dont know em if ya know what i mean. Mostly they are 14 and - or 16 and +. So, like, they are divided between the 14 and younger hang and them 16 + hang, and i'm like wtf, I know some my age, but they hang with the lil kids... and I seriously hate all the Macedonians in Australia, they act all gangsta and shit and its annoying, and yeh I always kinda feel left out and sometimes I just wanna run away somewhere alone.....

  2. Your join-date: 29th December 2007

    Your post-count: 360

    Can you play MTA:SA?: Not at the moment, but I will get GTA SA and MTA as soon as possible. But I do have GTA IV on PS3 if that helps.

    Your previous gangs if any: none.

    What do you have to offer to LCF?: I can offer what ever you need.

    Your wanted position: Any position.

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