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  1. The worst hang-over of my life...

    I don't have a story, but FFS what is your problem. Never would my tongue get near any ass crack. Period.
  2. New Plot Idea...

    It's okay. Not great, but not horrible.
  3. Who is the funnyest guy?

    Vercetti. A psycho murderer drug dealer who has a sense of humor. You can't beat it.
  4. San Andreas may get banned in New Zealand

    Hilary already fucked it up for America. Now it's going to be fucked up for other countries.
  5. What did you hate about GTA VC?

    Vice was my favorite. I liked it more than SA just because it had a better storyline. I hate the whole "gangsta" thing that they had in SA. Vice was so much better. I don't hate anything about Vice. Except that mission the Driver.
  6. GTA Spain anyone?

    No...just no.
  7. GTA Spain anyone?

    I think it should stay in the U.S. Detroit would be nice, or Chicago. Dallas wouldn't be too bad. We have plenty of cities to show off.
  8. Anybody found the secret sign?

    WTF is with people bumping old topics. Will an admin just lock this damn thing and end it please.

    Tommy hands down. He is a mafia badass who was fucked over by his boss and sent to the slammer for fifteen years. He knocked off the biggest drug baron in Florida and took over the city, killing Sonny Forelli in the process.
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    Rage Against the Machine- Voice of the Voiceless
  11. Bill Clinton likes his Hot Coffee!

    Great. The female of the Clinton house is on our side. I feel so secure.
  12. Liberty City Stories news update

    I'm glad they're leaving out the stats. It's not like in San Andreas where he was coming back after five years of nothing. Cipriani doesn't have to bulk up like CJ, he's already a badass.
  13. San Andreas banned in Australia

    Australia is awfully liberal, and I'm guessing that's a major factor in why it got banned. Hilary did her best here and that bitch got it close to banishment. Sucks to be the ones who haven't bought it yet. I feel for you. On government ban of San Andreas.
  14. What are you listening to right now?

    Black Sabbath- Laguna Sunrise
  15. San Andreas kicked out of the store

    This is why Hilary Clinton should die. I hate her with a passion and it's just another reason to voice my hatred.