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  1. obama i dont really give crap about poltics outside aussie
  2. Corza

    Tyko Drift

    i seen an mod where i has the cars of the movie could someone get it out and teach me how to put it on
  3. hey man could u make me an avatar and sig set with text cloud lucy thanks picture:http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/viewPhoto?uname=stojanoskislave&aid=5157944206679555057&iid=5157944378478246930
  4. he is part of an traid gang which i forgot the name
  5. is it raining when it happens
  6. comeon guys australia what about the Cronulla Riots ur could be one of the guys
  7. agreed when i saw this topic i was about to throw up
  8. nice is there thatmuch missions in gta 3 cool
  9. lol i already started gta 3 god i hate the physics one hit ur upside down
  10. i might buy an copy since i got addicted from gta sa so it is good or crap
  11. i am stuck help out on my bro moutian cloud boys misson woozie never seems to get into any car And i'm stuck on mike torno i save him blow up the car go to the yellow dot and it dissapers and no talking and on the map it says its still there
  12. Corza

    Tree Man

    i seen this how could he turn into wood in the first place
  13. i hate geelong cats.i would of wanted power to win but geelong
  14. i was wondering if it could be this: someone says; hey is this you and can i use it for my myspace page download link well i recived tons of these messages.
  15. try reinstalling it i hope that works
  16. Yea, I once tried firefox and it disabled flash videos. you gotta download flash again for firefox
  17. same but my bday is jul 1st
  18. i got lots of stuff the games you see are only the very many i've got and lots of f2p programs why? i dont know myself
  19. lucky i will be on term hoildays! woot!
  20. i am straight i respect all ya gay people since i know an couple of people gay
  21. luck you can access stuff we cant even access ign
  22. nice series its like an gta versin\on of i am legend
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