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  1. Nice work, I think the AK fits the artwork perfectly..... I LoL'd
  2. nice vid I think you should put something in the title warning of possible spoilers .......... some people don't want to know ANYTHING that could possiblly ruin the story for them. I really liked the video though, nice work.
  3. Didn't know you could unlock more outfits ....... thanks chris
  4. Once you get onto multiplayer there is an option to customize your character........very limited though
  5. NickDW

    not working?

    I'm having the same problem myself......If I can find out how to host a game I'll do that.
  6. If she stayed in the city / town or even in the state that your friend currently lives then i suggest she contact the local Sheriff's Ofiice or Police Department first. If she is worried about her well being then go to the local library and start checking obituaries (she may be able to do this online through some newspapers). That's where I would start.
  7. Yesterday I called the store I pre-ordered from to see if mine was in yet and it was......... I then planned and put into motion "Operation Early GTA IV" ..... Unfortunately the mission was a huge failure and I lost 2 good men in the process
  8. From the information I have seen it doesn't mark places on the map until you have visited them. So once you find a store 9or place such as a disco or bar), it marks it for you. I heard them talk about that in the G4TV hands on.
  9. I just bought a PS3 ...... What sold me on it after all the going back and forth over specs was that the PS3 has the BlueRay player. The graphics look pretty similar on both systems on most games to me.
  10. My PS3 gamertag is NickDW_FL
  11. Did I miss something? or are you looking at the pics of the HUD from the review?
  12. I'll second that ...... people will play them both for different reasons.
  13. I think it's going to be between GTA iv and MGS 4. Both look AWSOME !! I'll have to play them both before I can say ........ GTA probably has a leg up since it's on multiple platforms.
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