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  1. *Whips out the MOD stick

    I am only going to give you guys one warning so listen well.

    The GtaPlace does not tolerate racism of any sort, last summer we had an incedent with one certain individual who will go unnamed, who would spam the forums with many racial comments ,images etc,We will not tolerate it,I may be going overboard but I want to prevent these types of situations.

    Don't abuse your freedom of speech!,if I see or get anymore reports about this warnings will be recived.

    Once again I will say that I may have went overboard but..if it gets you guys to calm down, all the more better. -_-

    So just chill out and keep it to a nice friendly discussion. ^_^


  2. Erm, Chris, would you add some name effects to the store when you get some time? I can make thumbs if they're needed.

    Gj Jace!

    All the name effects that I have seen never worked well with fire fox, but that would be sweet as hell.

    The last time I saw name effects was when gtanation was still around,mabye the firefox glitch was fixed by now...

  3. Just try to make sure that this version of sfm does not take the same road that the previous one did..

    (even though it was for the most part my fault ^___^ )

    I am glad to see the gangs coming back to life..

  4. :bashhead: ya i jud registered 2 minutes ago,and whats this gang thing,is it for tha next gta game or what,i'm confused,what are these ideas for

    The fourm itself has a gang system, I will try to explane.

    On most gta forums you have roleplaying gangs which sometimes have rp fights.

    The gtaplace takes that to the next level and gives you a actual gang center, you can buy items and use them as weapons when the gang war option is up, you will need to see it to truely see what it can do.

  5. The gtaplace will be running a test gang war somtime in the near future, I will need 3 gangs ready for this war, all must have at least 5 members, you will be testing and trying to find glitches in the system,you will be testing one of each item aswell.

    I do not have a set date but when I get more information I will tell you.

    If you have any other questions go to this topic.

    Gang system developments.

    I hope To get some participation. :cigar:

  6. Chris: Members can buy as many properties as they want/can afford.

    I know that the propertys will be expensive but, what if there is a rich gang,what if they buy many and totally whore them out, the chances of that are 50/50.

    Also,how do you want me to go about getting the 3 groups,shall I find random people on the forums or do I just encourage the gangs to get ready?? :huh:

  7. The idea of having the vehicles function as a type of armor is interesting to say the most,but I do like it.

    Turning off the auto collect is another good decision to, last year all people would do is get a load of cash,bank it and go inactive for a month,come back in be rich.

    Also, do you think we should keep the points per post at 5 or should we bump it to 10?

    Chris, when the shop gets advanced enough to have the items function, I would like to take some time and actually get a group of guys together and make 2 teams of 5 so we can run a test war to see if we find any errors,we would need one of each item so we could test if they function like they should, please give me your opinion on this.

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