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  1. Adding to what was just said,

    Elites,do not abuse your new power to delete and close your own topics,post,ect, if you abuse it, it will be taken form you.

    But moving on, Congrats to all the elites, I hope that you will help to keep the community in high spirits and to be role models to newer members.

  2. I alsmot forgot, when the mod manager opens the huey file it will show you 2 files, one that replaces the maverik and one that replaces the hunter, just choose which one you want,then it should have the vehicle you need to replace already highlighted,just type in the blank box what you want the file of the vehilce to be then hit ok and it should instal.

  3. I have been noticing that many people are just using the report button to tell the mods things like 'I think cj would beat tommy in a fight" Please, only use the report button only if there is a genuine spam post or something that urgently needs cleaning up, It gets tiresome having to sort through the reports.

    ~ Crimson

  4. Just so you know.

    The gang syestem can not be completed until the new version of the ipb store is released, we do not know how long that will be.

    P.s I am not the one making the gang syestem, Chris is in charge of that, and please don't pm him asking when it will be done lol.

  5. Weapons skills.

    Gangster Level.

    Silenced Pistol,Desert Eagle,all Shotguns,Tec9, Micro-SMG,MP5,AK-47 and M4.

    When Gangster level is reached you can move while in aiming stance and your lock-on range,accuracy,rate of fire,and strafe speed increase.

    Weapons9with skill levels) this rule does not apply to.



    Pistol's Gangster level explained.

    the Pistol's level increases lock-on range,accuracy and rate of fire, You can already move while aiming and firing this weapon.


    Hitman Skill Level.

    This rule applies to the following weapons.

    Silenced Pistol,Desert Eagle,Combat Shotgun,Chrome Shotgun,Tec9, Micro-SMG,MP5,AK-47 and M4.

    Hitman level is now reached at maximum weapon skill (100%). This allows you to fire while moving,Lock-on range,accuracy,rate of fire,and strafe speed also improve.


    Double Weapons Hitman Level.

    This applies to the following weapons.

    Pistol,Sawn-off Shotgun,tec-9,and Micro-SMG.

    You can wield two of the above weapons simultaneously and the lock on range increases.



    Board 1 reward

    Patriot $40,000

    Sanchez $ 10,000

    Stretch $40,000

    Feltzer $35,000

    Remington $30,000

    Buffalo $35,000

    Sentinel $35,000

    Infernus $95,000

    Camper $26,000

    Admiral $83,949


    Board 2 Reward

    Slamvan $ 19,000

    BlistaCompact $35,000

    Stafford $35,000

    Sabre $19,000

    FCR-900 $ 10,000

    Cheetah $105,000

    Rancher $40,000

    Stallion $19,000

    Tanker $35,000

    Comet $135,000


    Board 3 Reward

    Blade $19,000

    Freeway $ 10,000

    Mesa $25,000

    ZR-350 $45,000

    Eruos $35,000

    Banshee $45,000

    Super Gt $105,000

    Journey $22,000

    Huntley $40,000

    Bf Injection $15,000



    # of cars collected Board 1 Cost

    5 Monster $32,000

    10 Windsor $28,000


    # of cars collected Board2 Cost

    5 Bandito $12,000

    10 Turismo $72,000


    # of cars collected Board3 Cost

    5 Vortex $20,800

    10 Bullet $ 84,000

    Some of the prices and things got smashed together,but you get the idea.

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