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  1. Go to the links on my sig, they will tell you more aobut our kick ass gang syestem that we are working on.

    Your gang is doing well, I am quite please with its progress.

    ~Crimson gang supervisor.

    P.s The dragon stealths are the oldest and most respected gang on the forums. :)

  2. I am seeing many new gangs, this is quite pleasing.

    M17 has a nicly made gang, Ciaran06 has a decent gang, and the SFM is still going strong.

    The gang scene is coming back to life, hopefully once the gang scene is back to its former glory we can help it to stay alive and well, but it will require everyones participation but we will focus on that later, just keep up the good work people. =D

  3. You guys are racist against racists. And that's racism.

    :mellow: That is the most retarded thing I have ever heard...

    when did racisim become a race .:weird:

    -45 kudos for you.

  4. Yeah there's is entirely forum post based, like every other GTA forum's. I know there's a couple using ssb's Army Mod, and a couple using the RPG mod. But in my opinion, developing a gang system which has just the features we need is a better alternative, and makes us more unique.

    Even though I do admire the gang sysetem Chris made I still wish I could get everyone On sanandreas multiplayer, It would be kick ass to actually have gang wars.

  5. Why does it matter where you live? That is what DOWNLOADS are for. A LOT of programs now you can download, THEN buy the registration key, and you're set.

    He was the only one who had seen it and was able to respond, apparently?

    A mod..... Offering piracy?

    Mistake on my part, no 3dsmax for you.

    But I will try to find a decent free program for you to use.

  6. you think i give a f*** if people here like me....NO, this is the internet, the only things its good for are porn, and flaming with people online, there are plenty of other gta sites out there, so why dont you stop complaning, cause you cant do anything about it

    Actually I can do somthing about it ;)

    Juggalo you are disrupting this fine internet community, if you want to cause trouble then we can show you the door.

    ^ goes for all trouble makers.

  7. Over the past few days I have been noticing many racial conflicts on the forums, I will say this TheGtaPlace does not tolerate racisim of any sort!!! If I see anymore racial comments or get anymore reports about racial insults all partys will be have their posting rights taken away for one day, I do not want to see anyone showing hatered toward one another, the forums are ment to be a friendly place to come and chat with friends and talk about gta, not a place to have racial hatred insults,etc.

    All that I am asking is that everyone repsect one another and treat each other they way you would like to be treated..thank you.

    ~Crimson :)

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