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  1. very nice video! Must have been a lot of work figuring out the moves... Very well edited too! keep it up bro
  2. A Mall would also be a pretty good idea but would probably take forever to do.
  3. Awesome cars dude! Though i thought you were only using SA conversion but seems like the good old Infernus is back but nicely restyled! The wheels look fuckin awesome and i hope you get permission to use them but the thing i like most about your mod is the weather... Its not VCS weather but the orange - pink sky looks very calm and gives this new atmosphere to the game. Good job and if you need testing im always there man.
  4. MP3 joiner?? i guess he used that and then like you said MP3 to ADF converter... Did you Doc?
  5. Cool what do you mean by best of 90s? Can you give us Song names or are we not meant to know yet?
  6. Wow shit damn how did you get those reflections on da Sabre!? The models look very nice with those... We have not discussed the vehicles yet, are you using SA conversions?
  7. Yo wassup i just got back yesterday... I was positive that this was dead but like i always im surprised again! I really like the song in the trailer and the trailer itself! are you actually scripting the missions yet??
  8. Yo guys, Doc told me on Friday that the mod is not dead and that he is writing a new storyline... Thats all i know so far.
  9. No. The game belongs to Rockstar, he can't just change a few things and take full credit. Like, how i changed the smiley in your post. Now it belongs to me. Chickens are cool Lol. What about gangs? are there gonna be any new gangs??
  10. Awesome! but i dont think these are the final ones, are they?? But anyways the aimer looks very good too and nice hud!
  11. Commom! im so excited, you gotta get this running! The topic will go down!! down let it happen!!!!
  12. thanks lol

  13. Ayt, i will see what i can do... last time everything worked as far as i know but sorry to say this is a laggy ass beta right there so make sure final release will be smoother, but i will check soon and let you guys know. Dude really strange but i just checked it out and my "fabric" has a fucked up texture too, but this happened recently cuz it was normal when i just got the mod freshly.... I will check out moomapper and see if i can find the error but before that im checkin out the building sites... Yo does it look like this, Spider? i just checked: The building site is strangely okay....
  14. The mod is a skillfull idea but the i found your topic on gtaforums and i can give you a tip on why not many people are replying to it, in my oppinion its the name. "Ghost Mod" sounds like some kinda cheesy and cheap player model or a cheap skin instead of a TC mod. You gotta think of a better name bro, and i dont even understand how it applies to the mod... You mean like the factory? Well this started of as the factory but now i see you did much more so i think you should rename this. Request a mod to change the topic name in gtaforums and here just do it yourself. Well good luck bro.
  15. Yo Doc, skillz, i actually thought you let this one hang.... The topic was kinda startin to sink but you just fished it right out again man! Good luck and keep it up man
  16. Well unlike you and most other people, ima huge retard and always end up gettin bullshitted... somehow... lol But i mean buyin somethin called piƟwasser.... For actual money
  17. You see thats why i also dont trust shit like Ebay... And what you just said, GTA4Life121 was very very very wierd but if i were selling it, i would not forget to shove it up my ass first and you left that out... And i bet you, its actually him selling it... We are not retards......
  18. Im on the edge. Thinking about what game to buy next....
  19. Thats nothing unusual, happens to me all the time. It didnt work for the 3 days in a row when the game was out but then eventually started to work. Happens but when i complaine about it people tell me to stop bitchin...
  20. Ye, it should be based on the 90s. Back then nobody really gave a shit but now....... Things changed
  21. I do not know if this has been discussed so if it has please dont get pissed at me... On 8th May, Apparently some member of R* Social Club has found a clue towards GTA 5... On the R* Social Club site there is a graphic of an airplane ticket. It seems like an airplane ticket for Niko Bellic from Liberty City to San Andreas... Is Rockstar perhaps giving us a clue of where the next GTA is going to be based on or if we get to be Niko once again? Maybe downloadable content? Source #1 Source #2
  22. Dammit, i really dont know how to help you with this one bro... Its really strange that the joint is located in the midle and not in the usual place. Is there any way to move it perhaps? I guess you will have to figure out somethin there Doc... Peace
  23. Its kinda hard to map the textures if you start by buidling the model without textures... I also find it easier to load them before actually modeling the vehicle. Then all you gotta do is edit the cars TXD file and your done.
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