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  1. THEY CAN'T MOTHAFUCKIN FAIL ON US LIKE THAT!!! I found some more stuff: http://kotaku.com/385452/gta-iv-multiplaye...ome-ps3-players
  2. Im serious it f*ckin froze 2 F*CKIN TIMES!!! Multiplayer worked once for 3 - 4 hours today on the PS network and now its back being f*cked. HERE incase you dont believe me: "Connecting to game provider... - Cannot connect to game provider please try again later." F*CK YOU PS NETWORK!!!! DUDE!!! I GET THE SAME MESSAGE!!! I pack out my phone, Click multiplayer and get f*cked in the ass. Im gettin pissed here! PS Network... F*ck you.
  3. It has not frozen by me yet but i cant connect to the multiplayer. I also have a PS3. WTF IS WRONG I WANNA PLAY GODDAMMIT!!!
  4. I was so hyped about the game graphics but when i got it was "WTF...". Its not that good at all. Its decent. OK. But nothing SUPER COOL... Gameplay is good but graphics.. As said before flat and low-res but not everywhere. Roads have improved.
  5. Im dissapointed by the graphics. I was expecting better. But however gameplayer 9.988/10.
  6. Rofl! I guess he will never get to play IV then! earlier today i checked his profile and his pic actually says 1915 - 2008... Wtf? lol
  7. This is what i mean by positives and negatives.
  8. I just dont get people who keep on saying Xbox live is better than PS Network... big deal downloadable content and Xbox live which i would not bother paying for and i really dont think it matters on which console we play as long as WE PLAY. I dont feel bad for owning a ps3 just because there is no downloadable content... Right, both consoles have positives and negatives.
  9. It would be cool but i doubt possible.
  10. dude your a fuckin retard lol

  11. Thanks for your support guys but im not really trying to argue if Eminem is good or bad all im sayin is just that dude was being disrespectfull. But whatever, Biggy Smallz & Tupac Shakur gotta be there. NWA... I dunno, Ice Cube became a fag now and Snoop + Dre, Hells ye. Old School perhaps some Grandmaster Flash? wouldnt be too bad, but there was too much of it in VC. HEY WHAT ABOUT RUN DMC!? RUUN, RUUN D - M - M - C - C, Fo you you, Fresh sh Fresh Fresh sh sh!!! Ps. "Calvin Klein, aint no friend of mine, i got his name tag on my behind" - Rock box
  12. 100% jump of a cliff. Would you rather be a monkey or Are you a monkey already
  13. If your talkin to me kid i strongly advise you to shut the f*ck up. Kid, not everybody likes Emienems whack a$s lyrics and you dont have to flame me for it, so please stop acting tough and shut your mouth instead, dats my opinion and you gotta live wit it. I know what im talkin about kid, you dont have to give me advice. And show some respect...
  14. Its cool that they are not only bringing up modern hip-hop, they're also bringing up Old School and thats what makes it awesome. GTA always had old school rap.
  15. So he was kinda with us all along. Thats makes it even better that he's back.
  16. He's da man! He's a Woman. I love Diaz!
  17. Cool to have Lazlow back! He was with us since VC i think... But he was cool. Hip-Hop is okay unless its to do with 50 Cent or Emienem. I cant stand those assholes, they make hip-hop sound sh*t with their f*cked up lyrics. I wanna see 2Pac, NAS (NAS is confirmed) Snoop...
  18. I honestly also think it is a glitch. It didnt last long until it changed to the normal image. I actually dont think Rockstar put this out.
  19. ye man, if you want to fake something, atleast make it look real lol I did not fake this. Why would i bother? People say this is a lag and happens ofter:
  20. That has never happened to me before... And it was at 4 AM so maybe it was there perpously and then was removed...
  21. CHECK THIS OUT!! I never made a topic about this on here! On the 8th of April 2008 i had no school becuase of a public holiday and i was having a sleep over with a friend. We got bored staying up so we decided to check for some updates GTA IV official page: http://www.rockstargames.com/IV/. When we went on at exactly 04:32 AM, instead of the usual picture of the city i saw this and quickly made a screen of it: This lasted for around 15 minutes. I checked at 04:47 and the usual picture was there. SERIOUSLY WTF!!
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