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  1. This is f*ckin awesome! Once again, a really great idea from R*.
  2. Dont tell me to shut up, im fed up with people bumping old topics from two months ago and yes there was a need for caps. Post reported.
  4. I downloaded it. Once again very very nice and make sure you upload it on many sites but there is a small bug. You see the black stripe on the Monster Cabrio? At the very front its not straight but thats not a major problem. Superb Job
  5. Yo Il brake your neck b*tch! check my age and by the way im 4.4 feet tall! GGG G-UNIT!! You mean that kinda stuff LOL? I also hate it. But i am seriously 1, i was born on February 11th 2007.
  6. I just hope that there is more than 1 police car following you when you killed 1 person because in real life that would be pretty damn serious. And they should stop this Pay'n'spray thingie because thats just total bull crap.
  7. Still, Over 50 hours does not make it better... Over 50 could be 50 hours 30 min but if they said over at least a 100 hours that would have sounded a lot better. Sounds pretty convincing but i also dunno if i should believe this either.
  8. By me in school people were playing LCS and listening to Del Mundo and Turkish dudes got pissed cuz we went around singin and dancing and messin with them... Lol im an asshole. Now the Ukrainiens are gonna get it "RUSLANA!!" style.
  9. Welcome! Im thinkin of making something new but so far my only idea is like a war and you are in your mansion and you shoot people down from the the roof or something... Make a V.3+ Chaos Version. Like this one was Retro Version and in the next one edit ped file so there are gangs everywere and they shoot everyone and your mansion is a base. You must pick 10 hidden packages to unlock a something... get me?
  10. LOLZ, like he comes in a room and he hears this strange noise, opens the bathroom door and sees Roman jacking off to a picture of a lama and Niko yells "Everyones a rat" <--- RANDOM, i mean Niko yells "GOOD LORD, WHAT ARE YOU DOING"
  11. I think what he's trying to say is that who is the biggest trader and asshole from those people and who would Niko dislike because of that. Like who most likely would also betray Niko if they had the chance to... You get what im sayin?
  12. I like to test your Mods dude and i see some huge improvements from the V.2 to V.3. What was strange though is when you just finished the car shop script and put up the first testing version for me and Nick tommy had green hair... But now i see you changed it cuz it was seriously dumb but the Scripts - 9.5/10. Add more unusual stuff like perhaps an ammunation store or a ship with a weapon and another car shop or something like that and make like hunters and rhinoes spawn on it.
  13. Yes that was a good step of R* but as PS3 is playable with 4 player on one system they should make a propper SPLIT screen and more modes than just DM. CTF on Racing or something creative...
  14. This was ripped from scarface. Sorry im saying ripped because it may sound kinda harsh...
  15. I actually agree with Dr.Dblgee and i think its a lag. Just like the cop car lag thingie this may be a glitch because it looks like he is running and shouting to the chick in the car and also it would be fuck*ng random to put a voice over from another scene in such a moment...
  16. "judging that they were dead in IV" They are all dead in IV? has this been confimed or are you just saying your oppinion?
  17. I asked him about this too but he said "Sorry not yet but there is not much reason to start on it now as the V.3 is in progress." But it might take a while because i think he is also working on the golf place but from what i heard, its not going to be as good sadly... No new TXDs but some scripts. But im not sure about that.
  18. These are some nice screens and they show how HD IVs particles and textures are going to be. Good job.
  19. True the camera was shit and the whole multiplayer mode sucked and i really hope R* step up this time. I WANT DM!!
  20. It could be a moonbeam or a regina but does is matter that much?
  21. GTA: Getting a Rocketlauncher and a shotgun right out of your ass Tipping over a car so that it catches on fire and blows up Actually being able to steel cars and run around and do whatever you want.
  22. Nice find and eventhough im new to this forum, i have not seen any of these on any other IV forums. Good job
  23. Yes i think Dr.DblGee you should update this and make less multiple-choice questions. I have noticed the odd reflection and i also think its strange... Perhaps the hat is made of like plastic lol... strange... But anyway update the poll.
  24. Im new to this Forum but ive never seen this on other forums. Nice find dude.
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