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  1. The idea is a little bit strange but still i think its a good idea. I chose Dider-Sachs (or something like that) and chains.
  2. I have to answer this, so bump Triads, cause they are the most close to the Yakuza, which is my 2nd favourite after the Yardies in GTA3.
  3. BUMP Yardie Lobo. Hopping, Leatherish, Jamaican.
  4. I have to bump, i just can't resist it. I chose Yardies cause their Jamaican and im too. All hail Yardies!
  5. Home :: Forums :: GTA IV :: Vice City Stories :: Liberty City Stories :: San Andreas :: Vice City :: GTA 3 :: GTA Advance This forum is not for posting about videogames. This is purely for word and picture based forum games only. Use Gaming Chat to post topics about videogames. Thank you.
  6. and say Bill Gates (I have to make it with Gates)
  7. GTA 3 GTA Vice City GTA San Andreas Resident Evil 4 Medal of Honor:Pacific Assault
  8. SAS-Special aerodynamics soldier GIGN-Goofy impish goony n00b KSF-Killing selling fastest ROKMC-Rocking of korean machine cars SWAT-Super weaponery armed toons
  9. ^ya wish <got 535 dollars from a wierd individual vloves to eat rats
  10. the ROKMC drug R-Republic O-of K-Korea M-Marine C-Corps
  11. Sorry sir, but we've out of stock of your wanted "www.NINJAGAIDENGAME.com" "NINJA GAIDEN-Dragon Sword and here are the zombies.
  12. DEVIL!!! Ninja LOL? LOL! Brick break Cubanos cigaretta
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