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  1. Catalina would win b/c she is a crazy motherfucking bitch!!
  2. idk what i have done to you but what ever i have done i am sorry!
  3. yeah change it. I like putting it on VROCK.
  4. exploder on vrock b/c its stupid and funny!
  5. i did not use any images what r u talking about
  6. Do you have to have 100% of the game complete
  7. i knnew that a long time ago ^^^^^^^
  8. cubans i guess b/c you help there gang out the most. But if they on my turf were my gang is i shoot them all!
  9. i heard that from somewhere that 3 dudes follow you and help you out. But i never had it happen to me.
  10. Well you know what i mean!
  11. The part i hated was you could not swim and theres not but what 2 citys.
  12. Yeah Did anybody realize when you had to do something with ken. I forgott the mission but cj had to kill alot of people and ken says "just like the old days Tommy". Then cj asks what he said and Ken dont remember.
  13. ooops sorry this should be in the off topic stuff. Could a mod please move this!
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