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  1. The first two pics I posted were like late at night in my bathroom.

    I'm not emo, though I am er... dunno how to explain it. Though at one point I did go cry and write in a xanga...

    Er... let me rummage through.

    I think this is the "andy milanokis" one. Though it was taken before his show.


    click to enlarge

    And here's my "emo" one.


    One day I didn't brush my hair up into that part on the first post, and I liked how it looked at the end of the day. And my friend took the second pic, my hair dried weird and I got sticky out thingies. That was at the bookstore I go to often with my friends.

    I need to get some recent pics up. And later I'll post a picture story I made that is really retarded. :)

  2. Yesh, actually its pretty clear, just like a veil, though it looks liek I can't see shit. lol

    AndI like my house aswell.

    People say I look stoned in this pic, though I've never been (around someone) stoned. So I'll take their word for it. ;)


    Click to enlarge

  3. Interesting, I would've not stopped with the ass. :mellow:

    I wouldn't have done the ass at all, drunk or not. That's sick. My tounge, doesn't touch areas shit touches.

    But, I haven't had a hangover. Ever. After a few more experiments, I'll reveal my secret. I came up with it ALL by myself. It worked when I tried it((I didn't really try it, it happend by accident)).

    Damn sarcasm doesn't reach other people. I think thats nasty aswel... :unsure:

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