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  1. You don't even have to be that big of a fan. I'm not, but I enjoy that forum.

    If you look around, and see the quality of the members. You will have to agree this is a decent IF board.

  2. bb gun = pellet gun.. I think

    I saw a hated teacher at the store while I was in my car.. so I just started digging through the dashboard so she wouldnt see me.

    I still dont like that bitch. Gave me a D :(

    No, bb guns are usually air pumped guns that shoot little metallic balls, like this:[best pic I could find]


    People use soft bb's to shoot at each other.


    These are pellets for a pellet gun.


  3. Im baaaaack.  From the dead, I got unregistered but now I re-registered myself.  Dont beleive me?  Go to the GTA 4 Topic, then go to THE NEXT GTA Topic its ######, go to page 30, look for MGILB81 there and youll see.  I rule.  Oh yeah, hi yall. :evil:

    Trying to get your old post count back?

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