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    WoW, GTA , and that's pretty much it. Now go on,GTF outta here.

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  1. CJ's mom's ghost? ... No,that's bullshit.
  2. ... press print screen, go to start-run--> mspaint after that press ctrlV blabla...
  3. Umm... is that repairable? :/ Why did you get the RROD? I used to get blue screen of death at the PC. What a pathetic name.
  4. Do missions. I'll firstly use the AK-47. I'll drive the first car i see. Go to statue of hapiness. And listen to the beat, sounds like a house music radio station.
  5. Lawl,you got it. What is the mission where you have to increase your lung capacity and then swim and put a bug in a ship?
  6. I'll try not to use cheats... I used to cheat at GTA games because i always died fast and the cops are annoying. But i won't cheat at GTA IV.
  7. K-chat is cool, it's just chats,but it's weird and funny. 'hello welcome back to k-chat we are with THOR a REAL viking!' Epic.
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