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  1. MadDude

    Whats you favourite town in SA

    hahaha, no,bud i don't think so.
  2. MadDude

    GTA San Andreas:Weird Things

    CJ's mom's ghost? ... No,that's bullshit.
  3. MadDude


    ... press print screen, go to start-run--> mspaint after that press ctrlV blabla...
  4. MadDude

    Strange And Scary?

    Wtf is that shit? Not possible.
  5. MadDude

    GTA IV Mini-Games in MP

    holy crap! i hope so.
  6. MadDude

    Red Ring of Death!

    Umm... is that repairable? :/ Why did you get the RROD? I used to get blue screen of death at the PC. What a pathetic name.
  7. MadDude

    First Things First

    Do missions. I'll firstly use the AK-47. I'll drive the first car i see. Go to statue of hapiness. And listen to the beat, sounds like a house music radio station.
  8. MadDude

    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    Lawl,you got it. What is the mission where you have to increase your lung capacity and then swim and put a bug in a ship?
  9. MadDude


    I'll try not to use cheats... I used to cheat at GTA games because i always died fast and the cops are annoying. But i won't cheat at GTA IV.
  10. MadDude

    Favorite Radio Station

    K-chat is cool, it's just chats,but it's weird and funny. 'hello welcome back to k-chat we are with THOR a REAL viking!' Epic.
  11. MadDude

    Is the game compatible with XP?

    Of course it's compatible,geesh.
  12. Subliminal messages much?
  13. I still am waiting for my order. :S
  14. Noooo! I want it now!
  15. MadDude


    No. Cheats will ruin the game.
  16. MadDude


    Sorry dude, you-re too late,unfortunately. =/
  17. Thanks, i shit my pants,thanks to the awesomeness of these pictures.
  18. MadDude

    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    Yup. What's the name of the food shop where the sellers have chicken costumes?
  19. MadDude

    Your favorite Mission

    That's the last mission,lol. Madd dogg. that guy got pwnt by CJ and OG Loc. Lawl.
  20. MadDude

    GTA:SA Mods

    San andreas underground?
  21. MadDude

    Whats you favourite town in SA

    Las venturas's got casinos, But san fierro has didier sachs. What to choose, what to choose?!
  22. MadDude

    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    1995 cadallick deville sedan or 2004 bmw m3? =/ Damn.
  23. MadDude

    GTA San Andreas - PC -

    try torrentz?