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  1. Just play online and dominate. Make money and pimp out your character with clothes nobody else has. Kick back and reek havoc on the city. It's GTA, there's a whole city to fuck around in. What could you have possibly expected, once you beat the game, you beat the game. It's time to move on to another one.
  2. I think that its a sign of a good game when you get pissed because you failed a mission or got busted due to a driving accident. You are emotionally attached and because the cars don't have unrealistic handling, you get pissed.
  3. I think the driving is fine. It just takes practice, and I figured out the technique for perfect power slides around corners at relatively high speeds.
  4. Damn... Id love to pull up a beanbag and veg out in front of those.
  5. The PS3 is amazing. It feels so luxurious... the best console I have ever played on. And for those people who will try to talk you into X-Box 360, get the console that will last longer (PS3). But hey more people play X-Box 360. You need to decide what you want, better graphics, or more people. And I am not saying theres never anyone online for PS3 because theres always tons of people.
  6. Cool they finally released a patch. Hopefully theres many more to come.
  7. There is a multiplayer tutorial you can access from your cell phone... but nobody is for sure if thats it. I suggest completing the tutorial, then completing a death match.
  8. I personally have not played enough to know what my online level is due to the server problems, but it sounds to me like the levels decay. Thus they force you to be addicted to the game in order to level.
  9. I wish Playstation 3 recorded statistics like that... But hey, we don't pay monthly.
  10. I don't consider myself a bad driver but I have definitely flown out my windshield a couple of times.
  11. Hopefully they will be able to add more weapons in a future update/ patch.
  12. Kate? I havent even met a Kate yet, I'm still banging Mallorie.
  13. Of course it does. Although I do not own it, the past strategy guides have had them in it.
  14. And with the online these days, instead of spending all your time doing what would have been vigilante missions, you can now play online and earn money and rank.
  15. Yea I just started utilizing Roman's taxi service, as well as the yellow cabs on the streets. It pisses me off when cabs don't respond to my whistles and Roman's car service is busy.
  16. I imagine that it is. Burning games is illegal, and although he is only copying parts of it, I am sure that it still is.
  17. I try to choose based on what is better for the game play. If I think that killing someone will block certain missions, then I won't kill that person.
  18. How could the PS2 handle PS3 graphics, or X-Box handle X-Box 360 graphics?
  19. Get a nice digital camera and an HD tv. Take the screens in real life.
  20. I only have my 2nd safehouse unlocked and it is a pile of shit haha.
  21. As long as there is online there will be people killing anyone they see. This is nothing new to online gaming.
  22. Use the spoiler tags. But anyways that is a nice car collection. I haven't been trying to collect cars yet, but I am only in the low 20 percentile. Now I will start looking for those unique cars and saving them.
  23. I have the zombie character/outfit unlocked... I don't think I killed a R* developer... The only things I have done online is the multiplayer tutorial, a few races which I have never won, and a deathmatch which I won. My guess is that its the deathmatch 1st place or the multiplayer tutorial completion. Either way as you get money online, you can unlock new outfits and such.
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