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  1. Wow why would you cheat. This game got such high reviews yet so many people are cheating, and cutting out all the game play and story line. But hey, its your $60.
  2. Have you never heard of Bob Marley? Wow. As for breaking, burning out, and power sliding with the cars, you need to use L2 in conjunction with X (playstation 3). First press and hold L2, and as your approaching your turn, press X and direct your car depending on which way the turn is. Let go of X while you are still sliding around the turn but continue to hold L2 so it keeps the car stable. It's hard to explain.
  3. And with Brucie, , which often pays decent.
  4. Put me on the reserves... I gotta get my post count up. But as in my signature, my PSN ID is: the_dude420 And I live in California.
  5. Seeing as I skipped San Andreas, which I hear had the best soundtrack of all the games, I find this soundtrack better than the 1st and 2nd. However I am not blown away by the tracks they have. However I love Bob Marley and I am glad they put him on there.
  6. I am not sure whether you can buy clothes and keep em in your safehouse or what, but get some new baller attire.
  7. Glad to see your father know's whats best for you.
  8. Brucie. Haha that guy makes me laugh. Even down to his answering machine, the guy is a classic roider.
  9. Yea, Roman will give you your cell phone. And then like said earlier, you press it twice. I wouldn't cheat on X-Box 360 however because it blocks Achievements or something.
  10. Yea this is by far the most adult game I have ever played. Can't go 30 seconds without hearing 'fuck'.
  11. The game has been out for 3 days. The game should still feel weird to you, because you are not good at it yet. Give it some time and don't give up hope.
  12. I love the cell phone concept. Makes it easy to get into some action. I dislike the graphics, they bug me. Rockstar could have done better. Some people look like they are from PS2/ X-Box.
  13. I finally got on after 9:00 PM (pacific standard) but was disconnected at random times from every single multiplayer game I joined. I am gunna wait till they have a game update before I try again. It really was a waiste of 45 minutes. The loading time is horrible.
  14. I have joined clans like this in the past for games such as Counter-Strike... huge clans like this on several different games tend to have no quality control.
  15. I know its just that X-Box 360 doesn't need any help, and right now they are kicking Microsoft's ass in the marketing side of things. But hey, it's a cut throat industry and if Microsoft is winning then PS3 is doing something wrong. And BTW LA Noir is going to be on all 'next generation consoles'. Search it on wikipedia.
  16. Politicians probably jump at things like this to get themselves noticed, so they can elevate to the next level of 'politicianess' and eventually dominate the world.
  17. Thats funny because my PS3 is the most amazing gaming console I have ever used in my life. You probably got a bottom of the line one. And I have had no problems what so ever, other than prying myself away from it. Also, lag? If I was to lag on a PS3, then I would lag on an X-Box. They both connect to the same broadband connection smart guy. Just because you pay for X-Box Live monthly doesn't mean it less laggy.
  18. I care because PS3 didnt sell that great. Bad sales can lead to the end of a company. Wheres Dreamcast 2 (Sega)?
  19. I already said this guys.. play the game more and you will hear it. HE SAYS HE IS NOT RUSSIAN IN THE GAME.
  20. WOW. That is an ass ton of money. Supposedly GTA IV cost around 100 mill to make, so that took off half the fucking production cost! Now the profit they are going to make is that much more. I guess good for them even though I am a ps3 fanboy, because I want to see this company pump out blockbusters for years to come.
  21. I did not. What country is it in? Just heard of it in History/ Geography and Eurotrip.
  22. Honestly these are gaming consoles. If someone wanted to make a sex game, then they should be able to. The way it is right now is how it should stay: if the rating on the box says you have to be a certain age to buy it, well then you have to be a certain age to buy it. It comes down to if the employees at the game stores are carding or not. If little brother hops on and heres fuck and shit, and sees a stripper in a thong, well then thats mommys fault. The same as if little brother finds daddys whiskey and his brothers pot. It blows my mind that there is some deusche bag in a suit who is livid about a game. The guy needs to look at himself in the mirror, and reevaluate his life. He is not going to win any lawsuit. The game obviously made its way through the proper channels and filters in order to become a game, so I doubt there will be any case. Besides I've been listening to gangster rap, watching action flicks, and playing games like GTA all my life and I am yet to kill someone or do drugs. Well, actually, scratch that 2nd part.
  23. Has anyone heard if you can upload music to be listened to while in game? That would be pretty sick if you could make your own custom radio station or some shit. I heard they scratched the idea of being able to upload music to your cell and listen to it as you walk around the city, but I donno if they implemented it somewhere else in the game.
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