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    Downloadable Content Wishlist

    would great to be able to buy other houses or place or business, or ever earn skills or have a hobby other than drinking lol
  2. i get the message when i connect to an online game i.e deathmatch it just syas disconnecting from multiplayer game and returning to single player can u tell me where i am going worng i dont fully understand how the online feature works i have a months trial which is active and i have it all setup for online
  3. GTA Smurf

    hey, disconnecting from multiplayer game

    i had to open port UDP 3074 and it works fine now http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.ph...mp;#entry272165 <---- found it no this topic
  4. GTA Smurf

    The Model Citizen

    have you ever tried to obey the traffic signals, drive without over taking danergously and stay on the right side of the rode??? i have and i didnt do well, i waited 30 seconds for lights to change then it took me an hour to get where in wanted, tell your stories..........
  5. GTA Smurf

    hey, disconnecting from multiplayer game

    i have tried with both mate,
  6. GTA Smurf

    hey, disconnecting from multiplayer game

    it has happened everytime i try but if i play fifa 08 its fine and connects urggh, what shud i do if i want to get a game online, just so i know if i doing anything wrong ta chris for replying
  7. GTA Smurf

    My New GTA Drama Series

    well the 4th of may has been and gone so....................
  8. GTA Smurf

    Favovorite GTA gang/mafia/cartel

    Grove Street homies, come on CARL!!!!!!!!!!
  9. GTA Smurf

    SmallScreenFans.com Launches

    it dont exsist anymore!!!!!!!!!!! it wont load
  10. please tell me aint true i have just been told there are no safehouses or building developments to buy, tell me it aint true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. GTA Smurf


    hey this mainly aimed at the person or person(S) who created this forum, what type of forum are you using?? wasnt sure if it was vbulliten, i know it aint phpbb, just wondered if u could tell me thanks you
  12. wheres the best place to find decent screenshots i can only find a few, mainly for me to create a few avatars and signature graphics thanks,,,.
  13. GTA Smurf

    Best place for screenshots

    oh right does that not go streaky or fuzzy???
  14. GTA Smurf

    WTF NO Houses to buy urgggh

    you may not care but some people take the time to earn the moeny the want to spend it on summat they can see, so take you who cares attitude and stick it where the sun dont shine, hahaha
  15. GTA Smurf


    i like vbulliten and love ipb, but never managed either only mam=naged phpbb basically because it is free
  16. GTA Smurf

    GTA IV Purchase

    awww shuks, oh well , so what did everybody spend their points on??
  17. GTA Smurf

    GTA IV Purchase

    i have been reading on various sites that people have been getting 500+ gamer points when they purchased their copy of GTA IV has anyone else has this and if so why didnt i get mine??
  18. GTA Smurf

    Who's finished?

    i bought the strategy guide for those things, got my older brother to keep it at his so i cant chet till i really really need it, sure theres some info on net or gtaplace.com concerning i have played it for 4hours since release date, i have job and g/f to keep happy, so i doing so good your father seems really sensible, not!!! its a bloody at the end of day, i love it too but not to the extent i would ruin my education!!!
  19. GTA Smurf

    Whats missing that you wanted

    i also miss the fact you cant buy new safehouses or developments urrghhh, so upset
  20. GTA Smurf


    phpbb has subforums, oh i must try that out on mine, not used phpbb for about 2 1/2 year will verify it later
  21. GTA Smurf

    Best place for screenshots

    nice on i havent had chance to truly explore the site, will head over to that page now
  22. GTA Smurf

    GTA IV Purchase

    i did preorder from gamer, but i went and my copy had gone (how annoyed i was) so i ended up getting one of the last copies from ASDA (WALMART in the US)
  23. GTA Smurf


    its great loving the fact there is an option for subforums then the topics, muh better than vbulliten and phpbb, in my opinion
  24. GTA Smurf


    nice one thanks very much
  25. GTA Smurf

    Not as i had hoped

    the viechles take some getting used to, but some cars and bikes differ in speed and control, find other cars try them out, the mercedes slk lookalike is good for speed and control