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  1. I got the bp/dp admiral but i have to check if its ep and fp.
  2. What bullet proof cars can i get in Vice City?
  3. I have the double pack. Im just gona start a new game or see if any of my friends got 100%.
  4. I used that one twice that day. I spawned two Romero's Hearse cause i wanted to jump over them on my bike.
  5. I've heard about his other ones. But they can never stick to my head. I rember the cat in the hat best.
  6. Baseball, I love just the whole feeling and atmoshpere it gives off.
  7. Thats good I want to get those body gaurds.
  8. Scarface is my favorite movie of all times. I've seen it more that 50 times. I got 5 Scarface posters in my room and anniversary edition dvd. Other movies i liked were: -The Matrix 1-3 -Paid in full -Donnie Brasco -Wild Style -Style Wars -Casino -Goodfellas -Full Metal Jacket -Black Hawk Down -Predator -Malcom X
  9. Im undecided if im going to college. I go to a tech school so when i get out ill be a trained aviation mechanic.
  10. Disney is the bigger genius his charecters are all memorable. Seuss only has the cat in the hat.
  11. I used some health cheats, armor cheats, and weapon cheats.
  12. I agree with that. The guys made a fortune.
  13. I've used a couple of cheats does that mean even if i do everything i still wont get 100%.
  14. A warning came up on me last night when i was playing VC. When i tried to save it said that 2 or more cheats were used and that it can effect my save. Can this really mess up my game.
  15. Your right that there too plain but thats what i wanted to do. See everytime I use more graphics people either say it does'nt look right or that Im over doing it. These signatures are probably gona get printed into sticker and put up all over the city.
  16. I know that there all the same basic design format. But which one do you think looks the best to you? -1 http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/7085/signature4.jpg -2 http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/5821/deagle.jpg -3 http://img1.imageshack.us/img1/2274/knife.jpg -4 http://img1.imageshack.us/img1/1373/glock.jpg -5 http://img1.imageshack.us/img1/1309/glock2.jpg -6 http://img1.imageshack.us/img1/9639/mp12.jpg
  17. I like it. Its really original.
  18. I like the Yakuza they stinger is my favorite car in the game. Another thing is that the Yakuza wont double cross you.
  19. I like it it feels like if your looking at a painting.
  20. Thanks www.Spasmod.ToM, I was getting so pissed that i could'nt get the bullet proof car. I thought it was real to cause i found a whole walk through on getting bullet proof cars in game faqs.
  21. I read that you can get the BP Cheetah in the Turismo mission. I used the blockade method to try to get the Cheetah's into my hideout. I blew one up then put it in my garage just like the walkthrough told me to but one let it closed then opened it back up it was gone. How come its not working. The Cheetah is all the way in and the door can close. Is it because i habe the doublepack version of the game?
  22. It would be cool if they had highway patrol cops. You could always kick them off there bikes.
  23. I like the first one alot. They look like real box covers.
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