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  1. guilty.by.association

    Do we know her...?

    Ahahaha. Wow i look like crap in that pic though
  2. guilty.by.association

    Pickle Phobia

    Phobias are different to fears. Just cause they sound silly doesn't mean they don't exist. I have a phobia of robots, doesn't mean i'm silly or that people should laugh at me. This isn't really funny to me. It sounds silly but at the end of the day, it's a phobia. Some people have a phobia of breathing etc, having phobias of things you can't avoid would be horrible. Pickles isn't so bad cause they're not everywhere.
  3. Im goooood ;p went to concert last night it was awesome =D HOUSE OF BOOOBZ! haha I still work at the supermarket :( i'm looking for a new job tho =]

  4. guilty.by.association

    Hot Guy Thread

    fiiiinally =D cause no-one enjoyed my sexy fireman in the hot babe thread will post a pic when I can find one
  5. guilty.by.association

    idaho mother gets 10 years in jail

    Yeah the youngest mother was 5. It's normal for girls to start getting periods at 9ish now. Average is arounf 13. Girls start puberty earlier than guys. That's really sad to see a girl pregnant at 9.
  6. guilty.by.association

    The Random Post Topic V2.0

    I just got home from a Slipknot concert. It was fucking amazing i've never sweated that much in my life. First time they've played properly in NZ definitely got my moneys worth, and more! We wouldn't leave the stadium until they came back and played another song ;p
  7. Haha yeah that would be awesome ;0


  8. guilty.by.association

    How many languages can you speak

    Yeah it's not hard at all, pronunciation is easy and it uses the alphabet so there's no weird symbols or anything i'm trying to pick up the basics of a few languages cause i've decided to go to Europe next year
  9. guilty.by.association

    How many languages can you speak

    I just started learning Italian i'm finding it rather easy since English is my first language.
  10. Bastard! I'm too coo for schoo ;p noo where have yoo been!? i havent been on aim in ages cause nobodys ever online ;( miss you too! <3

  11. guilty.by.association

    Post pictures of yourself v2.0

    I've given up taking pics with my camera it sucks lol so webcam it is!
  12. guilty.by.association

    How many languages can you speak

    I speak fluent English and i know some German. I can read German but speaking it is harder. It's very easy to learn though. I'd love to learn fluent spanish.
  13. guilty.by.association

    Bipolar disorder

    Lol yeah it could just be immaturity, a psychologist would be able to tell if she has a mental disorder or not. If she's got a mental disorder it will be more evident in real life and her parents can take her if they see she has a problem.
  14. guilty.by.association

    Bipolar disorder

    I would hate to have bipolar. I have depression but it's not as bad as bipolar. She needs to get the help herself and see a psychologist for testing.
  15. Hey foxy i miss you. Come back om msn :)

  16. guilty.by.association

    My Cat Won't wear a collar

    My cat would never wear one. He never has and never will he hates them and always manages to get them off. He won't run away though, he loves us too much ^^ plus he loves food.
  17. guilty.by.association

    Things you don't know about people!

    I am still scared of the dark :/ Not like monsters or anything i just get really uneasy in the dark but I can't sleep with the light on
  18. Haha yeeeah :) they're pretty good eh

  19. Lmao that comment was so fucked up, not much is up life is boooring haha. NEED MORE BOOBS IN IT

  20. Just woke up :o

    So bored lol. My cat fucking chewed off my finger last night it's so sore lolomg

  21. YO BOOBIES whats crackin?

  22. guilty.by.association

    Things you don't know about people!

    I have apricot jam on toast every morning xD lmao AND I HAVE A MOISTURISER FETISH.
  23. guilty.by.association

    Sky's Dick got 17 !