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  1. ...yay! san andreas! how obvious speaking of SA, i saw some recorded thing about earthquakes from CBS today in Science.. it was cool
  2. I didn't preorder San Andreas but I made a 14 dollar reservation at GameStop for it i cant wait
  3. i have SBC Yahoo! Dial thats supposed to be 56k but nothing ever seems to download at more than 4 or 5 kb.. but i'm usually download crap on file sharing probgrams where it seems to go a little bit faster
  4. hey i'm corporate_nothing, admin of gtafellowship, most of y'all already know me.. i used to be a really active member here, but got sorta busy and grounded from forums for like being on them and yeah... but everythings all now and expect me to post regularly dont forget to check out my forum tho! I have waay too many members from my school and that makes it more of like a HW help forum than a gta forum.. theres even a gang system in the works but i need more members first.. i only have like 10 active members so please join
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