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  1. daylight savings time

    So when DST is in effect, you have to set your clocks 1 hour ahead of the.. hour it is right now (??).. Your computer should do this automatically.
  2. The Day After Tomorrow

    A tidal wave 1500 feet high? Whoa.. Where is the Canary Islands?
  3. The Sims Online!

    It's been over an hour since I downloaded (and installed) The sims online.. BUT.. It seems I forgot the password to my 3 year old hotmail email acc which i was using for gamespy.. I changed the email, and now, i cant seem to find the page where you type in the security code, then it mails u the key! Pyro, do u happen to have that link? :-//// Never Mind, Got it thru my cookies... bah. How charming.. 15.7MB update..
  4. The Sims Online!

    *Walks around impatiently..* It's at 63% now! Yay! (Was downloading at 3Mbps, now its at 400Kbps.. wtf..)
  5. The Sims Online!

    Err this 1GB file better be worth the download.. Neways pyro, whens ur trial ending?
  6. List down your computer spects

    No, he was talking to the guy (username Frank) that flamed someone for having a 17" monitor.
  7. Okay, this might seem a bit stupid, but...

    Try looking here. If it doesn't come up,:
  8. List down your computer spects

    So you're saying: You have a 17" monitor, it must suck. He never mentioned which monitor. People like you make me sick.