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    Relationship Status

    I don't care much for 'match makers' my Mom does that to the extreme. If she finds out you are single and looking then she has a list of single losers for you. I know people who I won't name since he might read it here... gee did I say that? Well has confidence issues or low self esteem and I think should be a bit more forward with meeting people. But I won't resort to pushing people at him even if I thought they are a good match. Ah, he needs to mature a bit anyways if he was a bottle of wine he'd still be grape juice!
  2. ToonSkull

    Trainer Tutorial

    Something my brother didn't say about all this, any games that use bars instead of values are very very difficult to train. He demo the money cheat because that deals with an exact value unlike other games like The Sims 2 that shows things in a graphic or some bars. Those things are very tough. Have Fun making a trainer!
  3. ToonSkull

    Nomination discussion topic!

    Are the nominations done? So when does the voting take place? Do I ask too many questions? Or maybe I know too much? Who gets to vote? Who cares? Why do I ask these questions anyways? I don't know.
  4. ToonSkull

    Adding animals in GTA SA

    I would replace Zero with a chicken. Brack! Curse you Berkly Brack!
  5. ToonSkull

    how do i get custom paint?

  6. ToonSkull

    Relationship Status

    I am only 14 almost 15 but I think my brother's friend has the creepiest love life. He is dating a girl in Mississippi over the internet and cellphone. If it wasn't for the cellphone part I'd think it was some 35 year old man pretending to be a teenage girl. It is like they have a contest to see who can say "I love you." back and forth on the same call. Yuck!! I know that clinical psychologists will tell you that the real term for love should you replace it is, "I have a physical and emotional need for you to be with me and you complete the emptiness in my life." But it is a lot easier to just say "I love you.". Don't be too quick to push them away just because they say "I love you." ask them if they really understand what they are saying? But yes I find a lot of overt mush is uncalled for in any relationship. Kind of like listening to Barney the Dinosaur sing "I Love You" 50 times in a row. I Evol You! ToonSkull
  7. ToonSkull

    Lets draw with letters!

    O K let me see what I got. Scissors cutting on the dotted line 8<------- A rose @>-->--- A fish ><> A mouse ----{,_,"> Spider /\o/\ Kitten =^..^= Pikachu 0 ^..^ 0 |^^^^^^^^^^^^| |..==ToonSkull==..|'""";...__. |_____________==|=_|__|..]| "(@)'(@)""""*|(@)(@)****(@)' A Truck yeah wah evr...
  8. ToonSkull

    Recession, How's it effecting you?

    It hasn't effected me too much yet because I am 14 but my Dad keeps telling us that he is loosing money in his business. I can tell you what has changed in our house this past year because of money issues. Mom has worked more hours. We switched from Gas heat to electric. We didn't go on a family trip this past summer gas was too high. Dad has canceled some his plans for system upgrades to the LAN. We keep running behind on bills and I hear mom and dad discussing them more than often. Josh held a summer job at the mall. I am planning to get a job but I can't get one until I am 16 most stores and shops won't hire under 18 here. I asked at the local video store and they said I have to be 18 because of the porn tapes. I asked at the local gas station and you have to be 18 because of the cigarettes and alcohol sales. But I really want a job at the video store.
  9. ToonSkull

    Womens Rights

    hmm... I never had any girls including girlfriends say that to me out of the blue. Are you sure you didn't start your conversation with a pick up line like, "Hey babe. Nice tits!" or something like that? Maybe you are just hanging with the wrong girls. I am 14 going to be 15 this March and I hang with older college girls 18 to 20. I still get along with girls at school but the college girls feel a lot less insecure and more at ease with themselves. Also some get freaked out when I tell them yeah I'm 14 years old. I have had some treat me slightly different when they find out I am a minor but very seldom. At that point any chance for a date goes out the window. People reading in foreign lands might not understand but here in the US most people who date attempt to date and marry within 3 years of their own age. Due to the division of the educational system you will jump buildings every so often grades K-4 in one building 5-8 in the next and 9-12 in the last so you end up with kids ages 5 to 8 in one building and then they jump 9 to 12 in another and 13 to 18 in high school. So you see the government controls how people meet and what age we date. It may not seem like that you are being controlled but the control is there and I attend college functions and meet students there when I can. ToonSkull
  10. ToonSkull

    Nikola Tesla-- greatest inventor of all time

    I believe he was good man, from what I heard he want to transmit electric current without wires and his funding was pulled because they wouldn't be able to charge people for it. He wanted to give the power away for free. Just imagine being able to run your laptop without worry of batteries or ever plugging it in to recharge. It would be a better world with more like him. Some people blame him for the Tunguska explosion of 1908. I doubt it was his fault but even if it was then oops!
  11. ToonSkull

    Is God Real

    Well Butters! many people including those who follow the Bible get all hung up and bent on this one. Where did Cain's wife come from? How did this woman appear in the land of Nod? If you have a Bible handy ---brb I have to look in my bookshelves--- Genesis 1:26 states "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: ...." Then verse 27 reads "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he create him; male and female created he them Notice how it reads "them" as plural. This would indicated that Adam and Eve weren't the first people just special people. I had a Jewish text around here someplace but I think it got loaned out and is not coming back. But the point is, there are many beliefs about the "Garden of Eden" including one where Adam's first wife was named Lilith and she didn't work out so well and became a demonic spirit ... blah blah blah... Most theologists will point out the 26th and 27th verse as proof that there were other people in the world who did not live in Eden. It is interesting to study all the different points of view but again unless you were there we cannot say. None of these things are important if Adam and Eve were actual people or the story is accurate or not. This is not an attempt to answer the question but just to tell you that you must seek your own answer. Through study and personal experience I have found mine. This was nothing about ego, I'm not an athiest. I still think there is something up there. I'm just saying, what kind of God creates Adam and Eve and the talking snake or the fact you must wear weird clothing over your heads etc. It frustrates me just how people can go along with these things. This is why I really don't care to debate these issues people will always misunderstand my answers and they read something they think is somehow directed at them on some personal level. So I finish up here ---for what I hope to be my last post in this very odd thread--- all beings in this universe come to question why they are here. I found the answer quicker than most. Most of you follow the teachings of some one you respect like a parent or a teacher. At some point in your life you will have a very personal experience. When that happens you are given a gift, a peek behind the magician's curtain and you will be in awe. Some of you will later reject the experience as though it did not exist. Others will misunderstand and try very hard to place it within their current belief system. Others yet will desire to know more about it and study as I have. You cannot share a personal experience it will come without warning and go just as quick. My advice to all is stay away from the man with all the answers, he also has the poisoned kool-aid and wants you to share a trip on the UFO behind the comet. I will be 15 this March and my Dad has said that my wisdom has surpassed his own. Both my Mom and Dad are Methodists, I am not. But my Dad told me a few years ago that the poorest man is one without faith he has nothing to look forward to and worries if the Sun will rise the next day. THE END!
  12. ToonSkull

    Is God Real

    Sorry, I still think this argument is pointless. I really didn't want to get back into this but... Hardwood is basically expressing what every person with faith wants to know. How can you go about disproving anything with the scientific method? The scientific method is there to ponder and prove data not to disprove it. True scientists study to prove their theories not to disprove them. So basically you have two groups people who have faith in science and people who have faith in their religion and neither of you will "win" the debate. Once more I will try my best to explain, you cannot say God doesn't exist because it is impossible to know unless you are God. The reason you keep coming back to debate the nonexistance of God is your ego. You cannot condone that there is something better than you, and yet you have doubt in yourself. People like Hardwood Butcher has faith and faith requires no proof. The Bible and all other religious text written by the hand of men are no more than the tools of their faith. However people with faith who argue the existance of God are just as troubled by reassuring themselves by trying to convert others to their belief system. I know what I believe and I know it to be true and I won't try to convince others to believe as I do. There was a statement made by the one you call Jesus in the Bible. It was true then and it is true today. It is up to each man to work out his own salvation with fear and trembling. I don't think Hardwood is try to convert anyone but he is asking the question incorrectly and keeps getting the same lame replies. A: They don't need to disprove the existance of God they want us to prove the existance of God. But with proof there is no need for faith and faith is the trial by which God judges us all. If you continue to debate this topic all of you should at least study so that you can give intellegent answers and not use vulgarities just to prove you lack of reason.
  13. ToonSkull

    Post a pic of your City/Town

    The Saginaw river and the tall ships. Old city hall with clock tower. This is one of the many parks and the planetarium is on the right in the background. This is where my mom works.
  14. ToonSkull

    Womens Rights

    I'm bored Mom is off doing things at the mall with Josh and Dad is upstairs working so I decided to come in hear and stick my foot in my mouth. I can only speak from a native US point of view and not of other exotic lands such as Canada. But women seem to have plenty of freedom here if they seek it. We had a man who killed his wife here in my small city some time ago because she got her hair cut. They were from India or some place like that and owned the motel out on Euclid Avenue. He set her on fire as tradition called for in their country. He was prompty arrested as tradition called for in our country. I once heard a statistic say that only 2% of violent crimes are commited by women. You girls need to work on that and level the playing field start killing today. I don't think anyone knows exactly what "they" want when they want freedom and equal rights. Freedom is a concept that just doesn't exist. When people say the US is a free country that is not true. The only way to experience true freedom is to be alone on a desert island. Once you have anyone with you they will tell you to stop wiping your ass on the coconuts and then you have rules and laws. Anarchists like myself believe in handing the government over to the people without politicians telling you what to do. You would still have law and order, cops would still do their jobs the same as doctors would perform theirs. The big difference is the cop would no longer be pressured by the politician to go out and arrest people just to make money for the state. Let me put my soapbox away... I will close by saying that it is recorded in US law that a woman who commits murder while on her period can actually plead temporary insanity.
  15. ToonSkull

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Merry Christmas from the Coca-Cola Santa and ToonSkull! Well promptly at 12:30 am the baby Jesus slid down my chimney and lucky for him we no longer use it since we switched from gas to electric heat this year. The little fellow brushed off the soot and pulled the following items from his sack: Deathnote Manga! YEAH! Death Note the Movie DVD! John Glenn Highschool Hoodie John Glenn Highschool sweatshirt Well he turned and laying a finger aside his nose ---okay maybe the finger was in his nose--- up the chimney he rose. Other presents I received from family members were: A mp3 player book "Invisibility & Levitation" by Commander X - You know I got to try this!! miscellaneous clothing too many to list various video game software both PC and PS2 and one of my personal favorites CASH $$$ Mom and Dad said we could unwrap gifts after Joshua got home from his Christmas party last night. He came in a bit after midnight. Any similarities between my brother and the baby Jesus are just coincidence. Have FUN! But if you have too much fun ---don't name it after me--- the kid will get teased to death with a name like ToonSkull.
  16. ToonSkull

    Is God Real

    What? Where exactly does science say not to trust your senses? You NEED your senses to make scientific observations, IT'S PART OF THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD. Also I don't know what Bible you've been reading but it certainly does not claim that God controls you or your senses. Even if you are a born-again Christian you still have free will. According to God, it's up to you what you do with it. As I said in my first post this debate is pointless -moot- because I cannot convince you ---a person of science--- that the universe is not what it seems. And you cannot convince me ---a person of faith--- that science has all the answers and I should abandon my faith and follow science. Watch the Discovery channel sometime on UFO's they will tell you that all UFO sightings are people who are seeing what they want to see and the five senses cannot be trusted. So I tell you if you cannot trust one sense how can you trust all 5? I know that if I get hurt I bleed and feel pain. But do I or is that an illusion of what I expect to happen? I don't know where you get that "born again Chirstian crap" we are only born here on Earth you are born again when you die. I am not dead yet that I am aware of... Some faiths ---if you study--- believe you are predestined to follow your path in life. Others believe you have free will. While I believe it is your destiny to follow your free will. Yes it is physically impossible. Now, which is more believable? Believing it is provably physically impossible to walk on water which you can see today? Or to believe that a cosmic Jewish zombie who was his own father could walk on water according to an ancient text? And another thing, I'm sick of people saying Evolution is a racist theory. Social Darwinism, a 19th century-era theory which was NOT conceived by Darwin but by a Whig supporter, Herbert Spencer, is what you're referring to. Social Darwinism is a mis-construed perspective on "Survival of the Fittest." Evolution and Atheism =/= Social Darwinism. Evolution is another belief system pure and simple. I know the arguments as well as you do. If I believed as you do I would be the most dangerous creature on the planet. If this is all I get: 75 or 95 years on this planet, with no afterlife, no punishment or rewards, and nothing but nonexistance after death. I would start killing today when I want, eating humans ---they are just another meat source--- , raping and stealing what I want or need to keep myself happy for the short time I live because once it is said and done they can only kill me once. Right? You don't have to answer that because I know you are going to say that mankind has higher morals than the animal kingdom we are not lions in a jungle. But if that were true, I wouldn't see the sick unmoral pornography in my email, I wouldn't be reading the horrible unmoral hoaxes and the perveted minds of men. My moral code like many others is based on punishment of what God can do - not punishment of what man can do. Fear the day that anyone teaches this 14 year old boy otherwise. HAVE FUN!
  17. ToonSkull

    Is God Real

    Science is based on facts, religion is based on faith. They are in no way the same thing. Facts as you know them. But if you cannot trust your senses then science is the faith of your 5 senses. Five senses that according to anyone with faith in God, God created and controlls your 5 senses. According to science itself you are supposed to not trust your senses because they can be "mislead" such as UFO sightings. Think about the talk Morpheus gave Neo when explaining the "Matrix" to him. "What is real?". According to the Christian faith Jesus walked on water and so did his buddy Peter. Science says phsyically impossible unless the water was frozen. So in the mind of the truly faithful science has nothing to do with reality it is just the magicians curtain. Exactly my point.
  18. ToonSkull

    WIP: Tenpenny Stories

    Yes it is cold ---send us heat via email--- thanks. Vincent here just an FYI, JABhacksoul my brother Josh had me testing the finished game mod out and there is a bug that caused the game while I was using the fire support on a vigilanti mission. So the release is delayed do to the game bug. We want to give the people here a quality finished release not something that a dozen or more will be saying sucks because of bugs. This is the only one to show up and I am thinking Josh should have it fixed quickly. But right now he is at a Christmas party and doesn't even know about this yet. I guess I better remember to log off. Merry Christmas.
  19. The Discovery Channel has nothing bad on it?! How about those monkeys screwing each other? No he is going be tied to her apron until he is at least 30 or 35. Now my advice to Ultraussie is find a dark corner in your attic or basement. Get plenty of food and drink stored away. Wait it out as long as you can. My mom doesn't care much for our video games, but she swears like a sailor, she watches some of the raunchy TV jokes and laughs, and when she gets mad she says she will send us off to the army. But she is our mom and we love her and I am sure your mom loves you too.
  20. ToonSkull

    TGTAPFA 2008: Nomination Thread

    First I must say, that stopping in here the few times that I do, I am honored to be nominated the biggest Greek but I am not certain as to my racial background... what? uh. Oooh GEEK okay. Well I'm only 5' 9" and 165 pounds. I am certain there must be bigger people. Let me say, I don't often get a chance to watch Star Trek reruns because I am normally watching Dr. Who and possibly reading some Japanese manga. So you see I couldn't possibly be a geek. Here are my nominations: GTA Most Knowledgeable (GTA3): TNF Most Knowledgeable (GTAVC): Urbanoutlaw Most Knowledgeable (GTASA):Spider-Vice Most Knowledgeable (GTALCS): Most Knowledgeable (GTAVCS): Most Knowledgeable (GTAIV): Best Stunter (Vice City): Best Stunter (San Andreas): Member Most Respected Member: Huckleberry Pie Most Respected Mod/Super Mod: Sherman Most Helpful Member: Most Improved Member: Nate10 Most Intelligent Member: Hardwood Butcher Best New Member: Butters! Funniest Member: Husky Most Original Username: I©e Biggest Geek: Most Random Member: Deji Best Personality: Unnamed Noodle Graphics, Creativity, Skills etc. Best Avatar: Urbanoutlaw Best Signature: Best Graphics maker: Best Animator: Best Writing/Story (creativity forum): Best Quality Posts: Best Written English: Best "About Me" page: Scientist Best Debater: Chris82 Prestige Member of the Year: barfy Topic of the Year: Lolz (fun stuff) Person Least Likely to Get Laid: JABhacksoul (doesn't stand a chance) Best Breasts: I don't know if I will be filling out the rest or not but I won't be changing my opinions on who I have listed.
  21. ToonSkull

    Is God Real

    The big bang theory is just a theory, like faith unless you were there you really don't know. Just like God, unless you have his phone number in your five, you don't know if he is real. It boils down to a matter of faith. Many things are just a matter of faith and points of view. Science is just another religion, you either believe in it or you don't. Science can't answer all the questions and anyone who thinks they have all the answers are just egotists. Personally I am insulted by anyone who thinks man evolved from the apes or that God made man evolve from an ape. It is the most racist theory I have ever heard. It puts my race at the top of the evolutionary scale and depicts that the Asian and African are less evolved. I have more respect for my fellow human beings than to believe in such a perverse idea. At the end of the day, this debate is moot because you cannot convince a person who has faith in God to abandon his faith and put his hands in science. Just as you cannot sway the opinion of the egotist who thinks he has all the answers. I have faith that there is intelligent design behind the universe. We are not some microscopic dust speck in a slow motion explosion.
  22. ToonSkull

    Hookers in GTA VC

    I think the car matters use a sports car and once she is in the car drive to a 'green' area on the map and park.
  23. ToonSkull

    WIP: Tenpenny Stories

    That's ok, I have been there myself. I play GTA to release my aggression, but my mom says it causes it. But here is something that will cheer you up. Today is 12/16/08 and I have over half the missions coded with subtitles and text. I kind of wish I had done this prior to completely merging them all in one SCM file. Two days ago, I was on the verge of suicide when the drive I keep my files on my Dad's server when down. My Dad had it back up and running in just two hours. The drive is or was a 300 GB USB drive. The USB card on that drive toasted itself and fixed it making it internal now. So no data lost on the drive. I am doing backups to my local C: drive almost daily now. I just got up to go to school and the outside temp is 9 degrees F or -12 C. So I better go get the car warmed up. Cya! JAB Damn it my brother is logged in...
  24. ToonSkull

    Meet The Spartans. Critisize it.

    Meet the Spartans was just over 60 minutes long and full of excessive product placements. I wouldn't even call them product placement but just commercials. The following is a brief example; three minutes in to the movie the main character is starving and finds a Subway foot long sub sandwich. There was no joke made about it other than Subway foot longs are not very tasty. Coke was proud sponsor of the Pit of Death joke. Apple Computers was the sponsor of the "Wifely Advice" scene which failed to get a laugh. Maybe it was supposed to be funny that primitive men had advanced technology like laptops and cell phones? Maybe once but not over and over and over. Other proud sponsors was UPS, Red Bull, Dentyne, Gator-aid, Budweiser, T-Mobile, Gray Goose Vodka and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Yes all those in just 60 minutes not much room for humor. The jokes are in extremely poor taste, from child abuse, racism, homophobic slurs, overtly large male testicles, blurred shots of women's gentiles, and over done celebrity gags. The length of any given joke could last a long time. For example the "Pit of Death" joke ran a full 5 minutes long or 8% of this entire movie. There is a Paris Hilton joke about mid point in the 60 minute commercial that lasted too long and was later revisited again later for more pumping of an already dry well. Another gag that lasted 6 minutes or more, 10% of this film, was the break dance and yo momma routine and was an insult to the African American race. Promptly followed by a beer commercial. The actors like Carmen Electra is really getting too old at 36 to play as a sex symbol to us teens anymore. Unless you're into dating your mother. To me she looks like an average soccer mom. If you want to see Carmen Electra nude look at an old Playboy magazine she is not nude in this movie and I rented the unrated DVD. Sean Maguire seemed to be in pain more than anything else. His acting ability suffers greatly and his ability to deliver the bad homophobic jokes even more so. I was actually sad to see TV star Kevin Sorbo from "Andromeda" and "Hercules" having to suffer through this movie. Not that he had much of a career but he has lost any hope in acting since this disaster.
  25. ToonSkull

    really need this.

    Hey Urbanoutlaw, I want a trip to Japan... I want a million dollars... I want to extract a 3D model from my PC and make it real! :clapping: Keep up the good work guys I find this very amusing.