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  1. Quake 4, Hitman Blood Money, Call of Duty 4 & 2.
  2. Metal: Heavy Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal, Trash Metal, Alternative Metal, Goth Metal and Speed Metal. And some Rap, Hip-Hop and some Reggae.
  3. I'm an Atheist. I can't believe in Christ or God, it's just hard for me to believe in something I don't see, well maybe except for Aliens, but that's a different thing.
  4. Hi all, I came here cause I heard much about this forum and it's knowledge about GTA, one of my favorite game series. I really hope I will get GTA IV on my PC. But i don't love GTA only. I love Quake, Hitman and much more. So I really hope i will fit in this community.
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